Magical Mondays: Sanaa

Magical Monday: Unique Environment of Sanaa

UPDATE: Check out my updated post on Sanaa as of June 8, 2015! Sanaa, located at the Animal Kingdom Lodge, attracts customers with both its unique atmosphere and food. The restaurant focuses on preparing food in an African style with the flavors of India. More impressively, one wall of the restaurant is glass windows, which allows you to watch at the animals walking by. Quick Tip: Be … Continue reading Magical Monday: Unique Environment of Sanaa

Magical Mondays

Introducing Magical Mondays

Surprise! Last week while I blogged about popsicles, I was in Disney World! I grew up as a Disney kid. In fact, my first vacation was to Disneyland when I was less than a year old. My parents still describe us walking down Main Street when Mickey and Minnie came over, pulled us aside, and took a picture with us! You guys, I wish I … Continue reading Introducing Magical Mondays

Garden Grill: Accommodating But Bland

Located in the heart of EPCOT, the Garden Grill provides a unique family-style meal. The food is served on platters for the whole table (unless you have allergies, of course!).  The best part about Garden Grill is its homey, yet earthy crunch atmosphere.   Mickey, Pluto, Chip, and Dale all come around to meet you in their farming attire.  Since the restaurant is smaller than … Continue reading Garden Grill: Accommodating But Bland

Be Our Guest: Designed for Allergies

With every attraction, Disney World becomes more miraculous.  Your dining experience at Be Our Guest is no exception.  For quick service meals (aka: lunch), you’ll order at a register and then take a rose with you to find your seat in one of three luxurious rooms: the West Wing, Grand Ballroom, or the Rose Room.  The rose lets the waiters know where to deliver your … Continue reading Be Our Guest: Designed for Allergies

Chef Mickey’s: A Safe, Magical Bite

Chef Mickey’s is a child’s fantasy, not only do five Disney characters come to your table, but you can eat Mickey Mouse waffles! Plus, it’s prime location at the Contemporary Hotel means you travel on the monorail from the Magic Kingdom.  The all-you-can-eat-buffet may be a dream for some, but most Celiacs fear the cross-contamination prospects. I was less than excited at the prospect of … Continue reading Chef Mickey’s: A Safe, Magical Bite