Dining Aboard the Disney Cruise

Gluten Free Aboard the Disney Cruise

I was more than a little nervous before my first Disney Cruise. I packed enough gluten free cereals, pretzels, etc. to last me the whole trip. (It wouldn’t have been a very nutritious diet.) However, it turned out that I had nothing to worry about in the end. (Although, you should still certainly pack some snacks for your days at port.)

Palo Disney Fantasy Magical
As an allergy diner I continued to receive fresh berries daily as they became a hotter commodity aboard the ship.

While it’s important to make your needs known, there is excellent service for those with dietary requirements aboard the Disney Cruise. And, very tasty meals if you go to the 18 & up restaurants on the ship.

Palo Disney Fantasy Magical
I was well fed on my first Disney Cruise! (All of my meals are gluten and dairy free.)

Below you’ll find all the posts related to my 7-Day Western Caribbean cruise aboard the Disney Fantasy. Enjoy!

Are there any other aspects of the Disney Cruise you’d like to hear about. Let me know, and I’ll make it a future post! How have your dining experiences been on the Disney Cruise?

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