Courtesy of SpeakForChange.Com
Courtesy of SpeakForChange.Com

I’m so glad you chose to read The Wanderlust Celiac at your own risk and your own free will! I post GF news stories, recipes, and reviews.  Honestly, I’m gluten free because I have Celiac Disease.  I am certainly not a doctor (nor do I intend on becoming one).  Therefore, I am not posting medical advice, just my own personal opinions. Speaking of which, if you’re going gluten free, PLEASE consult a doctor to ensure you don’t have Celiac Disease before doing so.

A Few Specifics About The Wanderlust Celiac

  • Links: I link to everything! Products, articles, etc. I am not responsible for any information on those external links, so please give any complements or concerns to those companies directly.
  • Product Reviews: If I review a product, I’ll let you know any pertinent information if I receive it from an expo, company, etc. I simply want to keep the FTC happy, and you can check out their policy too!
  • Recipes: If you want to post about one of my recipes, please include a link back to my article.  (Note that by copyright law you are not required to, but I would greatly appreciate it). Additionally, please do not reprint or publish my work (word for word) without my written consent. (This holds for pictures too!) You can reach me on my Contact Me page.
  • Restaurant Reviews: Restaurants are always changing, whether it be the staff, recipes, service, etc. I only write about each experience as I experience it. Note that service on the same night may vary even from table to table!

If you haven’t read my About Me, go check it out! Basically, I’m a 20 something trying to figure out the real world, which means my still tends to change constantly, so my blog may as well. I reserve the right to edit old posts, change my views, the focus of my website, shut it down, etc.

Thanks for Visiting and Come Back Soon!

P.S: If you want guidelines on using “adapted from,” “inspired by,” or claiming a recipe as your own, check out this Recipe Attribution article by David L.

P.P.S: I am technically a PT student, which means NOTHING relative to this website. However, I am required to tell you that “The views expressed on this blog are mine alone and do not necessarily reflect the views of the MGH Institute of Health Professions.”

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