Real Food Eatery (100% Gluten Free in Philly)

Real Food Eatery (100% Gluten Free in Philly)

I love Philly. Not only do I have good friends there that always have my back, but it’s the home to so many 100% gluten free spots. As I returned this spring, I was sad to learn that one of my favorites, Agno Grill, had closed. (They served Mediterannean bowls, which were delicious.) BUT, one of my favorites, Real Food Eatery is in the process of expanding. Two new locations will be opening at 1700 Market and 4040 City Ave.

Real Food Eatery (100% Gluten Free in Philly)
Real Food Eatery (16th and Walnut)

I’ve never taken the time to write a post about this spot, even though I love it. Here are some of their tenants, and I think it’ll make you fall in love with it too.

  • Satiating: Hearty, but not stuffed. All their helpings of food are always delicious. 🙂
  • Naturally Gluten Free: All their recipes are gluten free, which is perfect for me as a celiac. Plus, they sell some other items like gluten free cookies made outside of the shop!
  • Affordable: They aim for ~$10 or less, which I think is a pretty good price when you see how much fresh food you get. (I tend to spend a bit more, but definitely under $15.)

For home-cooked food on the go, this is your spot. The meals are quick, fresh, and delicious. My friends from Philly eat here all the time without me, and they don’t have celiac.

Real Food Eatery (100% Gluten Free in Philly)
Build Your Own Plate at Real Food Eatery

There are a couple of options, but the most common is to build your own plate: 1 entree, 1 base, and 2 sides. This is my friend’s meal filled with kale, sirloin, carrots, and cauliflower. (I’m near 100% positive. This is her order not mine!)

Signature Meatball Bowl (Real Food Eatery) 

The other option is a Signature Bowl. I had the meatball bowl, and the meatballs are simply scrumptious. They’re filled with grass-fed beef, quinoa, egg, parmesan, onion, garlic, oregano, salt, pepper, and cumin. On top of that the bowl comes with brown rice, kale, bacon, cheddar, carrots, and cauliflower. I substituted the broccoli in for the cauliflower due to a different dietary requirement, which was easy since all the bowls are made right in front of you!

Fresh Veggies Abound at Real Food Eatery

While some Signature Bowls may be a bit more expensive, it’s a hearty meal and definitely worth it in my book. (This one was $13.) When I was halfway through, I felt as though I had already had a full meal! All the flavors are well thought out and delicious. While this food is made quickly and to go (<5 min), you can also sit down and enjoy it there as well in their nice open space.

Real Food Eatery Philadelphia
Real Food Eatery in Philadelphia

While Real Food Eatery moves up my list of favorite gluten free eateries each trip to Philly, here are some other spots you may want to try.

That’s all from here! What’s your favorite gluten free spot in Philly? And if you haven’t been, do you have a favorite town for celiac friendly cuisine?

Happy Wanderlust Wednesday!

13 thoughts on “Real Food Eatery (100% Gluten Free in Philly)

  1. I love the “hearty, not stuffed” – most restaurants serve WAY too much food. for me, anyway. 😉 will definitely keep this in mind if I find myself in Philly, thank you!

  2. I’ve never been to Philly, but have been amazed lately by all of the special diet options I see online for that city. I bet these restaurants have some dairy-free options, too!

  3. While I’m finding more and more restaurants offering gluten-free options as I travel, I know cross-contamination is still a concern for celiacs. Having a whole restaurant dedicated to gluten-free recipes really eliminates that concern. That’s perfect for when you are traveling. I know the last thing I want to experience when traveling is illness. And, to hear Real Food Eatery is doing well enough to expand really tells me that their food is so delicious they must be pulling in diners without gluten sensitivity as well. So, I’ll definitely keep Real Food Eatery in mind for whenever I visit Philly. Thanks for sharing!

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