Gluten Free in Steamboat Springs

Gluten Free in Steamboat Springs, CO

Over the holidays, I had the opportunity to make a quick day trip down to Steamboat Springs! Now, I’ve done a good job finding gluten free spots in Avon, CO (Beaver Creek/Vail area) where I lived for a bit, but Steamboat Springs is a bit more remote.

Gluten Free in Steamboat Springs
The Drive to Steamboat Springs, CO

While there aren’t many places to stop, the drive from Avon to Steamboat is absolutely stunning. Since it was an impromptu trip, I did some quick research on Find Me Gluten Free to decide where to venture and decided on two stops: Rootz Organic Cafe and Mambo Italiano.

Rootz Organic Cafe and Shop

IMG_0609I warmed up my trip with a smoothie from Rootz Organic Cafe. While the restaurant also has gluten free food options, I wasn’t looking for that at this time. They were super helpful regarding smoothies and answering all my questions. The smoothie was tasty.

This spot is your traditional “hippy” organic cafe. There’s a nice spot downstairs to meet up with a friend, read, or relax. If that is what you’re looking for than this is a spot for you.

Gluten Free in Steamboat Springs
Downstairs at Rootz Cafe (Steamboat Springs, CO)

Mambo Italiano

This is an Italian restaurant, which when you consider the amount of gluten in the kitchen is never my first choice, but it had the best reviews. Upon arrival, I noticed that the menu clearly labeled the gluten free options. I gave my waiter my allergy card and he immediately went to talk to the chef.

Our waiter also proudly announced how they strive to feed customers with celiac disease and have a dedicated gluten free fryer. He said he loves when he’s able to serve someone calamari for the first time since their diagnosis.

My friend had the Tartufo Salad, which comes with shaved mushroom, celery, arugula, lemon, truffle oil, and pecorino. This restaurant is a little pricy, but the salads are nice and large, so it’s a good way to have a reasonably priced meal here.

Gluten Free in Steamboat Springs- mambo italiano
Tartufo Salad (GF)

I had the Risotto Invernale filled with pork belly, black garlic, and butternut squash. This meal was simply mouthwatering as all the flavors were so rich. It was certainly plenty filling as well.

Gluten Free in Steamboat Springs- Mambo Italiano
Risotto Invernale (GF)

This was a scrumptious meal, and I certainly wasn’t glutened during it. I’d still like to do some more research on Steamboat Springs restaurants before settling down on a list of restaurants where I feel comfortable eating.

Other Restaurants to Consider Investigating in Steamboat Springs: 

After reading reviews, I picked the two restaurants above. These were restaurants that I considered calling and investigating in Steamboat Springs as well.

  • Rex’s American Grill and Bar
  • Winona’s
  • Mahogany Ridge Brewery and Grill

Happy Wanderlust Wednesday! 



22 thoughts on “Gluten Free in Steamboat Springs, CO

  1. I love how you always give me ideas for when I travel! I don’t know if I’ll ever be in Steamboat, but I know a few places like it. I have hope there are gluten-free ways to eat out everywhere now!

  2. It really must be a challenge to find restaurants that truly understand the needs of a celiac. I’m so glad you found Mambo Italiano in Steamboat Springs — it sounds like your entree was delicious!

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