Gluten Free at Mythos in Universal Studios Orlando

When I returned from my travels abroad, I went on a brief trip to Universal Studios in Florida with my sister. (Don’t miss my reviews from Australia and New Zealand!) We mainly went to see the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, but we had a great time throughout the whole park and both were participants on Fear Factor Live.

Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 8.39.11 AM

Now, I wasn’t expecting to eat much on this trip because I knew that Universal Studios isn’t known for it’s celiac friendly service. However, on our last day we decided to go talk to Mythos after seeing it’s award for the best theme park restaurant.

Mythos Restaurant

They do have a gluten free menu, but as you know if you have read my blog, I have a few additional dietary requirements as well. Our waitress was actually training another waiter, and took my order extremely seriously. They brought my allergies back to the chef and came back with three options. (I never mind how limited my options are especially when I know they’re considering cross contact with my allergens.)

One of the meals that I was considering wasn’t on the list because the chef was concerned about cross contact; however, a modified version of the beef medallions was one of the options.

mythos orlando beef medallions
Modified Beef Medallions (GF, DF)

My order was followed by the manger and my waitress throughout the whole process. My food was delivered separately and confirmed to meet the needs of my allergens. And, the chef assured me they took as many measures to avoid cross contact as possible. Overall, this is as positive of an experience as I can request in an establishment that also serves gluten.

beef medallions vegetables mythos florida
The veggies were one of my substitutions and they were simply scrumptious!

While my experience at Universal was not as celiac friendly as say a Disney World with allergen charts everywhere, Mythos was certainly a place where I felt comfortable eating. (I know some celiacs will only eat at 100% gluten free restaurants and that is fine too. Then, Mythos isn’t the spot for you.) Finally, the food was of a high quality and a nice break from my packed lunches.

Happy Travel Tuesday!

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P.P.S: This review is simply based on my personal experience at this restaurant in May 2016.

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