The Lime Room- 100% Gluten Free in New Zealand

The Lime Room- 100% Gluten Free in New Zealand

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While labeling laws for food and medicine are significantly easier to follow when it comes to gluten free foods in New Zealand, it is actually quite hard to rind a restaurant that is 100% gluten free. That’s where the Lime Room comes in. Unlike the Ancient Mariner, this restaurant is a bit off the beaten track. In fact, it’s probably at least an hour or two detour from wherever you’d like to head in the beautiful town of Pauanui. 

[Pauanui, North Island, New Zealand]

This coastal town seems to be a bit of a tourist town with lots of second homes. There are stunning beaches, and apparently quite a few opportunities for surfing in the area.

[Rope Swing]

The Lime Room- 100% Gluten Free in New Zealand
Picturesque Lunch Spot

[Just another day at the beach]

But, we’re all here to learn about The Lime Room. The chef and co-owner, Cristy, also happens to have coeliac disease, which is why the restaurant is 100% gluten free. While the kitchen is 100% gluten free, there are gluten filled drinks (aka: beer) served at the bar. The restaurant also prepares food suitable for other dietary restrictions. They label dairy free and vegetarian options on their menu. Additionally, the pizza base is dairy and egg free, and they offer a vegan cheese!

The Lime Room- 100% Gluten Free in New Zealand
Inside The Lime Room

As a smaller restaurant, the hours and menu vary by season. They were actually closed for quite a bit of May, so it’s important to check the hours on their website to see when they will be open during your visit to New Zealand.

The Lime Room- 100% Gluten Free in New Zealand
Salt and Lime Pepper Squid (GF & DF)

My favorite course was my first one- salt & lime pepper squid. This dish is also dairy free and features chunks of squid with a crispy lime pepper shell. It’s served with a side of homemade tartare sauce, which I didn’t try (despite the photographic evidence above).

I love how the crunch on the outside compliments the slimy squid inside. Additionally, there is plenty of seasoning, so each bite has you craving another. You can also order this dish as a takeaway option. Awesome!

The Lime Room- 100% Gluten Free in New Zealand

One of my favorite things about 100% gluten free places is that I’m not on a hunt for a dedicated gluten free fryer- everything is gluten free, including the fries (or chippies or chips or whatever you call them). The french fries were prepared well, crisp and filled with plenty of potato. Once again, I only had tomato sauce/ketchup, and didn’t try the accompanying sauce. (I know I’m pretty boring.)

[Gluten Free Pizza]

[Grass is Greener Pizza]

I didn’t actually try the pizza, but here are some shots of this tasty option as well. Overall, if you’re nearby (or visiting Pauani), The Lime Room is a spot I’d recommend checking out whether you have coeliac disease or not. The food is tasty. The atmosphere is chill. And, it’ll make for quite a good meal. Just remember to look up their hours on their site first!

Alright, that’s about all from here. I have one more post on New Zealand coming out next week, all about South Island! 🙂

Happy Travels!

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12 thoughts on “The Lime Room- 100% Gluten Free in New Zealand

  1. New Zealand has literally been on my “dream destination” list since I was 13 and had a penpal from there! Such a gorgeous country, and now a new restaurant to try when I finally do make it there. 🙂

    1. Ah, how great to have a penpal from New Zealand! I hope you do get the chance to head out there. I also recommend the Fishmonger’s Wife in Auckland. (I found the restaurants in Queenstown to be a bit trickier to navigate, but more on that next week.)

  2. I always wanted to go to New Zealand because, well who wouldn’t want to check out a country where there are more cows than people? Now I’m gonna go for the food though, this looks amazing!

  3. That salt and lime pepper squid is screaming my name! We have a few 100% GF restaurants near me and I love being able to order ANYTHING on the menu!

  4. It’s so great when you have available options while travelling. Thanks so much for sharing this place with us. It would be amazing to experience New Zealand…hopefully some day 🙂

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