Gluten Free at The Ancient Mariner (Auckland)

Gluten Free Fish & Chips in Auckland!

The best part about traveling is trying local cuisine. As a celiac with food allergies, I find it easy to travel by cooking my own meals, but eating local food rarely happens. However, when in New Zealand, you’ve got to try fish and chips. And, that’s why I was so lucky to find the Ancient Mariner in Auckland, where everything is “Kiwi as Fish-n-Chips!” 

Gluten Free at The Ancient Mariner (Auckland)
The Ancient Mariner (157 Mt Eden Road, Mt Eden, Auckland)

Now, they have a dedicated gluten free fryer and take precautions against cross contact in their kitchen. And, I know what you’re thinking but their fish and chips (and any items going in the fryer) are also dairy free. 

Gluten Free at The Ancient Mariner (Auckland)
Gluten Free Fish and Chips! (Keep reading to find out more about the food!)

Before we get to the food, if you hopped on over to their website, you’d notice the nautical theme. And, that runs through the store too. I thought it was really cute.

Gluten Free at The Ancient Mariner (Auckland)
Cute Nautical Atmosphere

Cute Nautical Atmosphere

Side Note: Since a lot of the business is takeaway there are only a few tables and benches inside, but I always found  place to sit!

Gluten Free at The Ancient Mariner (Auckland)
Love the barrel tables!

If that first picture didn’t have your mouth watering, it’s time to talk about the food! You can order the same fish and chips options as the regular menu to come out of the gluten free fryer. There’s different fish offered each day depending upon what’s fresh. (Remember the fish were swimming on the coast of New Zealand before they were caught.)

Gluten Free at The Ancient Mariner (Auckland)
Note the gluten free stamp!

I’m not a fish and chips expert. From my travels, I know that Brits don’t tend to consider the Aussie and Kiwi fish and chips to be “true fish and chips.” However, I found it quite tasty. And, if you’d like a taste of true Kiwi fish and chips, then the Ancient Mariner should be on your list. Everything was crisp, fresh, and celiac safe! On my 2.5 days on North Island, I managed to dine here twice!

Gluten Free at The Ancient Mariner (Auckland)
If that looks tasty to you, then you’ll love it!

Finally, the Ancient Mariner is readily accessible. (Sometimes when I travel the celiac friendly places are miles away from the city center.) However, the Ancient Mariner is  right by Mt. Eden, a short walk up a hill that I highly recommend. It gives you a stunning view of Auckland even on a cloudy day.

Auckland tower mt eden
Auckland Tower from Mt. Eden

There’s a grassy scoria cone up top from a dormant volcano. If it wasn’t a sacred site, it would make for the ultimate hill to roll down. Or, imagine it on a sled! (But, if you do visit, please don’t roll down it.)

Gluten Free at The Ancient Mariner (Auckland)
Mt. Eden is also known as Maungawhau.

Have you been to the Ancient Mariner? Auckland? What’s your favorite celiac friendly restaurant you’ve found while traveling?

Happy Travels!

13 thoughts on “Gluten Free Fish & Chips in Auckland!

  1. we have a pair of gluten free fish restaurants here in Portland that are EXTREMELY popular! (Hawthorne Fish House and Corbett Fish House, same owner, if you are ever in the area!) 🙂

    1. You’d love it there! I’d love to go back to do some more of the Great Walks. It’s so easy to go grocery shopping there because the labeling laws are more stringent than in the US. Although, you still have to do your research for restaurants. 🙂

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