Red Robyn- 100% Gluten Free in Melbourne

Victoria may be one of my favorite states in Australia, although very little has to do with the city of Melbourne itself. For outdoorsy folks like myself, you’ll find the Grampains, Great Ocean Road, and Yarra Valley to explore. And, in my half week there, I simply fell in love.

Kangaroo and its Joey (Grampians)
Kangaroo and its Joey (Grampians, Victoria)

However, I did stop by Melbourne for a night, and picked up some tasty, celiac-safe food. (Red Robyn is in Camberwell, not in the CBD, so you would most likely find this spot by car or public transport.) I must admit that after a long day of driving across the Great Ocean Road, this sign was a pleasant sight.

red robyn 100% dedicated gluten free
Red Robyn

Not only is this spot 100% gluten free, but they also aim to be allergy friendly as well. There are no nuts on their menu, and they label the following options: vegetarian, dairy free, vegan, contains soy, egg free, fructose friendly, and fodmap friendly. One of the first questions my waiter asked me was whether I had any additional food allergies and if any of them were anaphylactic.

Red Robyn- 100% Gluten Free in Melbourne
Menu Cover!

Red Robyn is definitely a place where I can eat there safely and comfortably, and that’s the most important bit to me when dining out. HOWEVER, the food is also important, and I read a couple of iffy reviews before dining there. I was certain not to order anything I had read a bad review on, but also I ordered dishes I thought I would like.

I began with a freshly squeezed glass of orange juice, which was delightfully refreshing with the perfect level of sweetness.

Red Robyn- 100% Gluten Free in Melbourne

For my course, I had the tamarind beef rib. The platter is dairy free and egg free, but it contains soy. This was by far the most appealing meal on the menu to me, AND I received the last order of it for the day. (They did run out of beef rib, so you may want to show up early if you want a full selection of the menu.)

Red Robyn- 100% Gluten Free in Melbourne
Tamarind Beef Rib: lemongrass, chipotle slaw, chives, coriander, chickpea chips

I was a bit nervous about the chickpea chips, so I tried them first. They were actually quite good. While it’s not something I would make on my own, I’d definitely enjoy them again. The outside had a great crunch from the gluten free breading, and the inside resembled a silky smooth potato. They are certainly worth a try!

Red Robyn- 100% Gluten Free in Melbourne
Chickpea Chips- A Twist on a Classic Menu Item
Red Robyn- 100% Gluten Free in Melbourne
Cute Presentation Too!

Then, I dove in for the main course, the tamarind beef rib. It was very flavorful and prepared well. It practically melted in your mouth. While I have had some cuts of meat that melt a bit more, this was definitely up there. (I had previously read a review that didn’t like the preparation of the meat, and I must disagree.)

Red Robyn- 100% Gluten Free in Melbourne

The final component, the coleslaw, complimented the warmer flavors of the beef tamarind quite well. Overall, I thought the dish was very well put together. While, yes, it wasn’t the most gourmet meal I’ve ever eaten. It was quite a good meal for it’s price, safe to eat, and certainly a spot I’d return to again. I love how the menu changes seasonally as well, so there will be new options to try and many of the ingredients are fresh.


Finally, I picked up a to-go order of the Warm Quinoa Salad for the following day. The salad contained sweet potato, lemon, chickpeas, roquette, and toasted pepita seeds. While I would have added a bit more sweet potato (simply because I love sweet potato), the flavors mixed together beautifully. And, the dressing really brought the whole dish together. I found the color to be slightly off-putting, but once I began eating the salad, I couldn’t stop!

warm quinoa salad
Warm Quinoa Salad

Here are a couple more pictures from Victoria!

yarra valley victoria sunset panorama
Hiking in the Yarra Valley, Victoria
Red Robyn- 100% Gluten Free in Melbourne
Enjoying my quinoa salad atop the 1,000 steps!

Happy Travels!

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5 thoughts on “Red Robyn- 100% Gluten Free in Melbourne

  1. Chickpea chips, tamarind beef…they all sound good to me! Now are you back home? I sent you an email about cohosting this week but if it’s all too much at the moment, we can postpone it for another week. Email me or leave me a comment on one of my posts. Thanks, hon! XOXO

  2. This place sounds fantastic! I’ve been extremely lucky and been able to go to Melbourne twice, and I was stunned at the amount of gluten and allergy free food available. Also glad to see I’m not the only orange juice fan!

    1. Yes, Melbourne is about ten times easier than Sydney to eat at in my opinion. While I didn’t get to try many places, so many spots that I read reviews for online seemed to be aware of the needs of those with celiac disease! (In Sydney, many restaurants didn’t seem to understand cross-contact.) And, yes, I’m a huge fan of orange juice. Yum! Hope you’re having a fabulous weekend. 😀

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