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Gluten Free in Perth (Western Australia)

Most visitors to Australia head up the east coast from Sydney to Byron Bay and all the way up to the WhitSundays in the Great Barrier Reef. However, one area of Australia that many miss out on is Western Australia. Not only does it have some of the most beautiful beaches in the area, but it also boasts some of the most gorgeous hikes. 

bluff's knoll western australia panorama
Bluff’s Knoll, Stirling Range, Western Australia

Now that you want to visit this beautiful area (and if you don’t check out the pictures at the bottom of this post), we’ll explore how to eat here. Whether you’re heading north or south, most likely you’ll fly into Perth. Fortunately within 5 km of the airport, you’ll find your first coeliac friendly spot- The Kewdale Tavern.

The Kewdale Tavern (Kewdale, WA)

kewdale tavern wa western australia perth
The Kewdale Tavern (Kewdale, WA)

This local tavern is a hub of life with a bar, pool table, etc. However, the owner just happens to have coeliac disease. He designed the menu, so that all the menus are gluten free or easy to modify to be gluten free. While there is gluten in the kitchen they take great efforts to avoid cross contact with other allergens as well. (Although, they don’t recommend this spot for severe nut allergies.)

I chose this restaurant because they have a dedicated gluten free fryer, and I wasn’t disappointed. Who can turn down sweet potato fries? They were crispy with the perfect bite, yet not over cooked. Yum! 

sweet potato fries gluten free kewdale
Sweet Potato Fries out of a Dedicated GF Fryer

There aren’t too many gluten and dairy free options on the menu. They can do plain meats and such or the avocado salad. I wasn’t too hungry, so I had the salad which was plenty filling although nothing special. (I don’t yet like avocados quite as much as the Aussies.) However, another tasty and safe meal in the books, so I’d call this spot a success! 

avocado salad kewdale
Avocado Salad (sans cheese)

My next gluten free spot was a bit more out of the way, so it may not be on your route. However, the gluten free bakery came highly recommended, so I made my way over to Leederville, WA. It’s about a half hour from Kewdale.

Strange Grains Bakery (Leederville, WA)

This 100% gluten free bakery came highly recommended. It’s a bit tricky to find, you’ll follow signs around to the back of the building and you walk right into the bakery itself. It’s quite cool because you see the baking in process. There isn’t much space to eat there; however, there are plenty of parks nearby or you can bring the food on your road trip.

gluten free cookies strange grain cookies
Eva’s Cookies (Strange Grains Bakery)

Due to my additional dietary requirements, I couldn’t try too many of the menu options here. Although the bakery smelt delicious. However, I did pick up one bag of cookies. I think they are designed for kids. I honestly found them hard and rather tasteless. BUT, there were so many delicious looking items that you may have better luck there. So, be sure to look up some other reviews. And, hey, they were pretty!

heart cookie rainbow gluten free
Gluten Free Love

Market Juicery (Leederville, WA)

I accidentally found this juicery on my way out of town, while it isn’t 100% gluten free, there were no gluten ingredients going into their blenders (at least on the current menu).

leedervile juicery gluten free
The Market Juicery (Leederville, WA)

The staff was helpful and knowledgeable on different allergens. However, this isn’t necessarily an aim of the juicery, it was in part my luck with the staff. There is quite a bit of gluten in the bakery. They sell a lot of sandwiches!

market juicery wa western australia
Nice Spot, Vast Menu

However, overall, it’s a good place to grab a juice. Just let them know your dietary needs. And, it’s tasty too!

So what’s in Western Australia?!

I explored the southwest part of the country traveling to Margaret River, Albany, and Denmark. Margaret River is known for it’s vineyards, so be sure to stop by the vineyards before exploring the great outdoors as you travel further south.

Gluten Free in Perth, WA
King’s Park in Perth has a beautiful display of diverse plants and stunning views of the Perth skyline.
Gluten Free in Perth, WA
Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse- This is where the Southern and Indian oceans meet!
Gluten Free in Perth, WA
Grandmother Tingle
Gluten Free in Perth, WA
Green’s Pools (Denmark, WA)
Gluten Free in Perth, WA
Some wildlife that I found along my hikes.
Gluten Free in Perth, WA
The view from up on the Stirling Range.

Well, that’s all from here. Hopefully, this post inspired you to explore Western Australia, a bit of Australia that’s off the beaten track.

Happy Travels!

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