100% Gluten Free, Paleo Place, Caloundra, Sunshine Coast

The BEST Gluten Free Food on the Sunshine Coast!

IMPORTANT NOTICE Hello everyone. We have been closed due to a fire in our kitchen on 26th May which destroyed kitchen equipment and spread smoke and soot throughout the cafe. Due to the lengthy insurance and remediation process Kath and I have made the extremely painful decision to not reopen. Please monitor us on Facebook for updates on future plans. – FB Page

This week I ventured away from my cozy (albeit temporary) home on the Sunshine Coast for some more Australian adventures. While I miss the three boys I’ve been watching, I’m loving the backpacking lifestyle.  But, before we move on, I must tell you about my FAVORITE restaurant on the Sunshine Coast- The Paleo Place

100% Gluten Free, Paleo Place, Caloundra, Sunshine Coast
Kings Beach, Caloundra, Sunshine Coast

Located in Caloundra on the southernmost bit of the Sunshine Coast, you’ll be able to chill at the beach or possibly check out the market while your in town as well. The Paleo Place serves breakfast and lunch seven days a week from 7:30-14:30, and hosts a special dinner service on Saturday nights. (I unfortunately never made it down for a dinner service as the only Saturday I had free was Easter weekend when they were closed.)

100% Gluten Free, Paleo Place, Caloundra, Sunshine Coast
Paleo Place (28 Omrah Avenue, Caloundra, Queensland 4551)

Now, I don’t follow a paleo diet. And, in fact, many paleo restaurants that I’ve found in the past haven’t been up my tastebud alley. (I wasn’t the biggest fan of the Cultured Caveman in Oregon as I found their food to be rather dry.) BUT, this restaurant is NOTHING like that. The food is simply delicious! (While yes, it is all gluten and dairy free, it tastes like the meals my mum makes back home.)

100% Gluten Free, Paleo Place, Caloundra, Sunshine Coast
The inside is cute and welcoming! I particularly like the bike hanging on the wall.

I’ll begin with the drinks since you can actually come in at 7 AM for coffee even though food service doesn’t begin until 7:30. Now, I don’t drink coffee, but my friend enjoyed his drink. And, for my simple review, I thought it was rather pretty! 😂

100% Gluten Free, Paleo Place, Caloundra, Sunshine Coast
Mango and Coconut!

100% Gluten Free, Paleo Place, Caloundra, Sunshine CoastI took on the smoothie. I love my smoothes, and this one was made well. Not only is it gorgeous, but it was smooth in texture and rich in flavor. And, it was definitely served at the proper temperature. Certainly a delicious addition to my meal.

Next, comes the food, where many paleo places can lose my review!

100% Gluten Free, Paleo Place, Caloundra, Sunshine Coast
Jalapeno Chicken Tower
100% Gluten Free, Paleo Place, Caloundra, Sunshine Coast
Pulling the layers away!

If you’re like me or my friend, when you read the jalapeño chicken tower description, your mouth began watering. Well, after playing “Rocks, Paper, Scissors, my friend ordered the dish.” (We wanted to try a couple of different menu items in case one was bad!) He nearly ordered it without the beetroot. (Since, let’s be honest, most of us are not fans of beetroot.)

BUT, apparently in the end the beetroot is essential to the balance of flavors in the dish and he wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. And, while not the most beautiful picture, you can see all the tasty layers in this dish. Definitely a solid choice if you come to the Paleo Place! 

100% Gluten Free, Paleo Place, Caloundra, Sunshine Coast
Paleo Beef Tacos- Housemade taco shells filled with our tomato coriander salsa, avocado, and coconut yoghurt. (14.90 AUD)

As the loser of “Rocks, Paper, Scissors,” I tried the beef tacos. And, if you follow my blog, you know I order anything that comes with sweet potato fries. I simply love sweet potatoes! These ones were nice because they weren’t heavily fried (although sometimes that is what I’m in the mood to eat).

The tacos themselves had a mouthwatering blend of flavors. It was spicy enough that you appreciated the balance of the avocados, but not too spicy. The taco shells fell apart a little bit, but they were tasty as well. One thing, after a few months down here, I’m certain that I will never like avocados as much as the Aussies! (It worked well in this dish though. I promise.)

100% Gluten Free, Paleo Place, Caloundra, Sunshine Coast
Another View of Caloundra!

Both my friend and I agreed this is one of the best meals we’ve had since arriving in Australia. Granted we’re both backpacking and not eating the most gourmet meals. BUT, since he has the option of all the gluten-filled restaurants as well. I would take that as a very high recommendation! 🙂

Happy Travels!

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3 thoughts on “The BEST Gluten Free Food on the Sunshine Coast!

  1. I’ve not been a big fan of paleo when I’ve read the menus, but your dishes look *fantastic.* Do you know what the taco shells were made of? They look really good.

    I have made sandwiches on hash browns, but never on roti or sweet potatoes. So many options to try. It would be great to have a bun that added such an incredible flavor element, not just texture.

  2. Ah, yes! So back in the States I’ve been to a few paleo spots that I didn’t like. BUT, for the most part, I’ve found that paleo restaurants serve meals that I would normally eat, such as sweet potato fries. I find that most of them avoid dairy as well, which is good for me, so it’s gluten and dairy free BUT I can still enjoy meat. (So overall it meets my dietary needs better than a vegan restaurant.)

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