Eating Pipis on the Beach (Fraser Island)

I’m pretty good at finding gluten and dairy free things wherever I travel (even if it’s just free water in Wall Drug, South Dakota). Well, this weekend, I took off for Fraser Island, the largest sand island in the world, where you can enjoy pipis, surf clams, on the beach.

fraser island australia dingo
Beach at Fraser Island (You may see a dingo too!)

Most of my tour was too grossed out to try them, but they taste delicious! And, I just think it’s a good reminder that those of us with celiac disease aren’t necessarily picky eaters, we truly can’t have gluten. 🙂

pipis on fraser island surf clams
Plebidonax Deltoides, aka: Pipis, aka: Surf Clams

Pipis have been a staple on the island from the aboriginals to the Europeans that took over. Today, they’re most commonly used as bait, but they can also be eaten!

How to Find Pipis

First, you’ll need to be at an area that has pipis. I don’t know too much about this, but there are a ton on Fraser Island, and up the coast at Noosa.

pipis on fraser island surf clams
Look for this distinctive bump in the sand!

Once you find a bump in the sand, you can dig out a pipi. They’re just under the surface, so you can dig them out with your hands or even your toes! (It doesn’t take too much work.)

pipis on fraser island surf clams
There it is!
pipis on fraser island surf clams
Pipi (Eugari, Surf Clam, etc.)

Once you find one, you’ll want to find a second one so you can crack it open!

pipis on fraser island surf clams
You’ll need 2 pipis!

Now, it’s time to crack open the pipi!

pipis on fraser island surf clams
Cracked Open!

And, simply remove the pipi from its shell.

pipis on fraser island


How to Eat Pipis

Now it’s time to eat! Now on our tour, I just swiped off as much sand as I could and ate it raw.

pipis on fraser island surf clams
Eating a Pipi on Fraser Island!

However, you should really rinse it off in freshwater to clean them, especially if you don’t want them to be gritty. We were told them to soak them in freshwater for around an hour before eating them, possibly with some lime juice. If you want to properly enjoy them, watch out this YouTube video from some guys who know a bit more than me and they even cook them!

A Little Bit More of Fraser Island

Beyond the dingo I posted above, I saw tons of other cool things at Fraser Island (aka: K’Gari). The island is known for it’s unique sand dunes topped with rainforests. We went on a rainforest walk that began at Central Station.

fraser island rainforest blue mushroom
Home to the Smurfs of Fraser Island 😉

The historians out there will love the Maheno Shipwreck on the island. Currently the sand island has been growing, so you can’t see as much of the ship as in years past. However, in 1935 this condemned ship was being shipped from Sydney to Japan when it wrecked on Fraser Island for parts when it wrecked due to an unseasonable winter cyclone. With no future buyers, it remains in its resting place and is now a key tourist attraction the island.

fraser island mane shipwreck australia
Maheno Shipwreck, Fraser Island, Australia

You’re not meant to spend too much time in the ocean due to the rough currents, stingrays, sharks, and more. In fact, we were part of a search party for a kayaker while we were there. But, no need to fear, there are a ton of freshwater bodies where you can hang out, including Eli Creek.

fraser island eli creek
Eli Creek, Fraser Island, Australia

Lake McKenzie may be my favorite bit of freshwater on the island. Today, it was used for swimming; however, the water has been considered sacred by those who inhabited the island. It was used for rituals, such as birthing ceremonies, and for its healing powers. And it was said that 10 minutes in the water would make you 10 years younger! 

fraser island australia lake mckenzie
Leaving a bit of my heart in Queensland! (Lake McKenzie)

That’s about all from here! Look out for future post from my Aussie travels, and of course sharing this treat with my friends at Fiesta Friday. Thank you so much to this week’s co-hosts- Natalie @ Kitchen, Uncorked and Hilda @ Along The Grapevine.

Happy Travels!

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9 thoughts on “Eating Pipis on the Beach (Fraser Island)

  1. Thanks for a beautiful virtual tour, especially on this morning of freezing rain and ice here in Ontario. I would certainly like to try those pipis which I imagine are something like oysters.

    1. Thanks, Hilda! Yes, a lot of us were comparing them to oysters. I’m going to be in trouble next year because I’ve become quite accustomed to the summer weather that I may have trouble with a New England winter! 😀

  2. Ahhh! Such a beautiful place, Kaila. I don’t think Ive had pipies before, but they sound interesting. 🙂 Thanks for sharing this lovely post. Happy FF!

    1. Thanks, Jhuls! They’re only in Australia (well this specific kind). There are also pipis in NZ, but they’re a slightly different surf clam. Happy FF, and have a marvelous weekend! 🙂

    1. Awh, thanks! Yeah, everyone else was collecting them, so I just kept eating them! And, yes, there are a plethora of reasons to come down under, including these! Have a marvelous weekend. 🙂

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