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A Celiac on Kangaroo Island

The great part about being in Australia for an extended period of time is that I can slowly explore the region around me. I absolutely adore the Sunshine Coast (and I’ll tell you more about that soon)! But, I began my travels down south. And while there are many places where it is more cost-effective to explore on your own, there are some places where a tour is a much better option. Kangaroo Island is one of those places.

remarkable rocks kangaroo island
Looking Out from the Remarkable Rocks

By the time you factor in the cost of bringing a car over on a ferry (because you would need heaps of time to rent a car) or the cost of a rental, a tour doesn’t sound like such a bad idea on this island! I chose the Kangaroo Island Adventure Tour, which isn’t too active, but it means you’ll have a smaller vehicle fellow travelers who are ready to get up and move around with you. 🙂

kayak kangaroo island
Kayaking from Vivonne Bay Lodge

Of course, tours include food, which is a problem for me! I personally have no issues packing food for the two days of the trip. Yet the thing you’ll run across is that people constantly want to feed you when you sign up for a tour. (This happened at Fraser Island too!)

Kangaroo Island Adventure Tours specifically asks about any dietary requirements, and while you may want to eat some of their food, I’d recommend packing your own, and here’s why.

  • They don’t really understand cross contamination. This depends on your guide of course. My guide happened to be a nutritionist, so she knew for lunchtime that for me to eat it the bread would have to be at the end of the line. BUT, she still didn’t really get it. (See the next point).
  • They will cook directly on a grill that’s impossible to clean well as your traveling to different sites. If you were really adamant about getting the most out of your money, you could pack tinfoil. But really, it’s much easier to bring your own food.

It is worthwhile to let them know your dietary requirements (since you’re not going to convince them not to pack food for you). That way, you may be able to eat some of the special prepackaged snacks! Or on the second day, they packed me a banana, which I thought was much better than everyone else’s biscuits for morning tea anyway!

vegan gluten free cookies
Kangaroo Island Adventure Tour packed some gluten free and vegan biscuits for me!

I know that I’m a particularly picky celiac since I could probably count the number of people that I’d let cook for me on one hand. (Although, I do eat out at restaurants quite frequently, many of which are 100% gluten free.) And, I know they’ve cooked for celiacs before, but for the most part I wouldn’t consider it a safe option. 

There were other exciting gluten free finds as we traveled to the Eucalyptus Distillery and the Honey Factory on the island!

eucalyptus distillery gluten free kangaroo island
Eucalyptus Distillery had some gluten free options too!

So pack your own meals (and maybe a snack) because I still highly recommend Kangaroo Island Adventure Tours! (To be honest, I doubt there is a tour company I would fully trust to feed me. Although I do travel aboard Disney Cruises.) They were very accommodating and allowed me to store food in their esky. This was an experience you certainly won’t want to miss out on!

kangaroo island seal
Admirals Arch, Kangaroo Island
koala kangaroo island sanctuary
Koala at Hanson Bay Wildlife Sanctuary

If you liked this post be sure to check out my reviews from my travels around the world! It’s easy to find reviews by using my Map Feature. The blue pins are dedicated gluten free restaurants.

Happy Travel Tuesday!

3 thoughts on “A Celiac on Kangaroo Island

  1. How fun Kaila – so what are you doing in Australia for that length of time? 🙂 My ma in law used to live in Perth, so we did visit a while back and have fond memories of many wonderful parts of Australia. Brisbane, Sydney and Perth. You mentioned Fraser Island too, wow, wasn’t that a wonderful spot? I want to bring out my photos now and take a walk down memory lane 🙂

    1. Hi, Loretta! I’m out here on a working holiday. I actually went to Perth the other weekend, but I mainly saw the area south of Perth (beyond King’s Park and Fremantle Prison). I quite enjoyed Stirling National Park if you’ve ever been that way.

      I’m living near Brisbane, but I haven’t been to Sydney yet! I loved Fraser Island, I actually just returned a few hours ago. Seeing the dingoes was probably my favorite part. Hope you had a fabulous weekend; I certainly did! 🙂

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