Raw and Real Juicery and Kitchen

Raw and Real- Gluten Free Juice in Adelaide

Y’all know I love my green juices. And, after being in Australia for a little bit finding a juice spot made me feel right at home.

My 3 Favorite Gluten Free Spots at Runde Mall (Adelaide)
Vitamin C- Grapefruit, Lemon, Orange and Cayenne Pepper. 🙂

Some of my favorite juice spots when traveling in the past include Harlow in Portland, Oregon; T. Loft in Kansas City; and Palæo in Copenhagen. Now, these spots are all 100% gluten free, but I couldn’t find a dedicated gluten free juice spot in Adelaide.

Spicy Tomatoes (Gluten Free and Vegan)
Adelaide Botanic Gardens, South Australia

While Raw and Real is not a 100% gluten free restaurant, they do not place any gluten ingredients in their blender. Most of the other juice shops that I found in Adelaide have gluten ingredients in their blender. And, once they were wonderful about cleaning down surfaces when I explained my other allergens, Raw and Real quickly became my preferred juice spot in the city.

Raw and Real- Vegan Juicery
A nice oasis from the busy city streets!

The juices are tasty too. There are quite a few options, and I didn’t even finish trying all the different combinations I thought I would like before leaving. You can buy both juices and blends (aka: smoothies). For blends there are fruit, almond, and coconut based options!

Raw and Real Juicery and Kitchen
#3 Almond and #1 Coconut! 🙂

I found my green juice to be a bit flat tasting, as I like a bit more spice. However, all my juices and blends had a gorgeous texture. And, they don’t use any refined (added) sugar. I quite liked the berry based drinks!

Raw and Real Juicery and Kitchen
Fruity and Delicious!

I would note that even though it’s a small business there are a lot of new staff being trained, so part of my positive experience was based on the specific staff that I encountered. Don’t be discouraged when you see the massive amounts of bread when you walk in, since the juices are prepared in a different bit of the kitchen. Just a reminder to be sure to explain your dietary constraints and make sure that YOU feel comfortable dining there. 🙂

Raw and Real Juicery Review
Looking out over Adelaide at night.

Happy Travel Tuesday!

* Review is based on personal experiences visiting Raw and Real Cold-Pressed Juicery and Kitchen at 20 James Place, Adelaide, South Australia 5000 a few times throughout January 2016.

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