Gluten Free Finds in Copenhagen

Gluten Free (and Vegan) Finds in Denmark!

I love to travel. (Seriously, check out my Map!)

Review of Palæo (100% Gluten Free Restaurant in Copenhagen)
2015 took me to Europe. And 2016 is taking me to Oceania.

My added tourist attraction is finding restaurants where I can eat. But, it turns out that it’s equally exciting to find new allergy friendly companies! (Many are small businesses that only exist within a local demographic.)

Review of Palæo (100% Gluten Free Restaurant in Copenhagen)
Don’t miss my reviews of 100% gluten free spots in Copenhagen!

While I didn’t spend that much time in Copenhagen, I found these gummies that left some of my friends raving. So I figured it was worthwhile to share my Danish food finds! (Two of which my amazingly generous sister bought prior to my arrival!)

Review of Palæo (100% Gluten Free Restaurant in Copenhagen)
Tivoli- Ready for the Christmas Market!

Find #1: Sugar Sin Happy Jellies (Recommended)

Gluten Free Finds in Copenhagen
My favorite candy!

These sour shots are the treat that had my friends raving. They’re extra chewy, so you only eat a couple at a time. And, they feel like a gourmet gummy. 

Gluten Free Finds in Copenhagen
The sour shots are kind of large.

The first kind (my favorite) is a sour shot. It’s not as sour as a typical sour candy in America, so it’s actually enjoyable to eat. I continued to eat these throughout my journey, and you should note that they’re good for takeoff and landing while flying.

Gluten Free Finds in Copenhagen
The wild hearts are a bit smaller.

The wild hearts are pretty good, but not my favorite. They’re smaller and thus a bit harder (less chewy). But, these are a great alternative for the faint of heart when it comes to sour flavors.

I honestly forgot that these candies are also vegan, so for a vegan gummy type treat they are highly recommended!

Find #2: Dove’s Farm’s Double Chocolate Cookie (Not Recommended)

Gluten Free Finds in Copenhagen
Dove Farm’s Double Chocolate Cookies

I didn’t mind these cookies, but I think it’s simply because I’ve been eating gluten, dairy, and egg free for so long! The cookies don’t have a distinct chocolate flavor, they simply taste as though they were flavored with something that was not vanilla. Additionally, they’re large cookies, but they’re rather dry, so you’ll need some water.

I’m not saying don’t give these cookies a chance, but maybe start with Dove’s Farm’s pasta, that’s a bit better!

Find #3: Against the Grain’s Ginger Crunches (Recommended)

Gluten Free Finds in CopenhagenGluten Free Finds in CopenhagenAgainst the Grain’s Ginger Crunches were not my favorite cookie/biscuit of all time. However, that’s because I’m not much of a tea person. If you like to accompany your morning or afternoon tea with a bite of biscuit, then my sister claims these are actually pretty good.

The ginger flavor is so strong that there isn’t a strong gluten free aftertaste. They’re also very thin and crispy if that’s what your after. Overall, a good option for many!

42 Raw Review (100% Gluten Free in Copenhagen)
The Little Mermaid Statue in Copenhagen!

Finally, I’m sharing these tasty finds with all my friends at Fiesta Friday, my favorite party in the blogosphere. Thanks to  Margy @ La Petite Casserole and Su @ Su’s Healthy Living for co-hosting! My Internet speed isn’t too quick, so I’ve struggled to keep up with y’all. (Sometimes the comment boxes don’t pop up! But, I promise I’m reading along!)

Happy Friday!

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8 thoughts on “Gluten Free (and Vegan) Finds in Denmark!

  1. Thanks a lot for sharing this… I’ve been in Copenhagen when I was still leaving Italy (a way much easier rich countries!) and I loved it! Thanks for being at FF!

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