Quick and Easy Vegetarian Chili (GF, DF)

3 Gluten and Dairy Free Super Bowl Chilis!

Ah! The Super Bowl is almost here. I must admit the Budweiser commercials are almost always my favorite. However, this year they got rid of the puppies! 😦 But, since I’m living down under for a bit, I’m bound to miss quite a few of the commercials anyway.

Fortunately, there are 15 or so places in South Australia alone that are viewing the game! It’ll be a little weird to enjoy the game on an outdoor screen in the middle of summer since I always expect there to be snow outside, but nonetheless, I’m quite excited.

Super Bowl Cookies (GF, DF, EF)

Now, one key part of every Super Bowl is the food. Last year, I crafted up some fun cookies. And, this year we’re sticking to a round up of the classic dishes- chili. You’re sure to find one your whole party will love in this roundup!

Chili #1: Texas Style Chili

Screen Shot 2014-02-15 at 1.17.21 AM
Click here for the full recipe. 

This is the classic chili on the list. With just an added aroma from the cider, this chili is elevated to a new level. It’s flavor combination is designed to add some nacho chips on the side. Yum! For the meat lovers in your group, this one is sure to be a hit. Just be sure to mind the heat. Learn more about this classic option and find the recipe in my full blog post!

Chili #2: Quick and Easy Vegetarian Chili

Quick and Easy Vegetarian Chili (GF, DF)
Click here for the full recipe.

This one is perfect for those with dietary restrictions! You can substitute the chicken broth for vegetable to make it vegan. (Or, note that Massel makes a vegan chicken broth.) The best part of this recipe is the variety of textures. There’s something for everyone! (And, if you have a soy or corn allergy, just cut out the edamame of corn respectively.) Best served with a gluten free corn muffin. Find the recipe for this tasty option in my full blog post!

Chili #3: Low Carb, Spaghetti Squash Cincinnati Chili

Don't miss this recipe for Spaghetti Squash Cincinnati Chili. It's gluten free and dairy free. It's mild like my hamburger soup, so the whole family can enjoy. (Contains soy, but you can use a bean substitute).
Click here for the full recipe. 

Up for something new? For a spin on the traditional chili, why not try a Cincinnati style chili?! This has one of my favorite flavor profiles because it contains meat, veggies, and is on the milder side. Perfect for those with iffy bellies when it comes to the spiciness scale too! Find the full recipe for this new option in my blog post!

3 Gluten and Dairy Free Chilis for the Super Bowl
And, of course one picture from Australia. This one is from Adelaide’s Botanic Garden.

Those are by far my favorites. But for those of you who wanted to add some meat to Chili #2, you can always spice it up with this Chunky Chicken Chili, which has a similar flavor profile. And, for a chili recipe that’s already vegan, you can check out my Chunky Chili recipe as well!

Finally, you know I’m sharing this with my favorite party in the blogosphere- Fiesta Friday! Thank you so much to Mila @ milkandbun and Hilda @ Along The Grapevine for co-hosting this week. 🙂

Happy Cooking, and have a marvelous weekend!

10 thoughts on “3 Gluten and Dairy Free Super Bowl Chilis!

  1. Hey Kaila, that chilli looks soooooo good, nicely spiced is perfect for cold days! 🙂
    Thanks for bringing to Fiesta party! Hope you are enjoying!

  2. Kaila, you really have thought of everyone. I don’t expect there is anyone out there who wouldn’t find at least one of the recipes to fit the bill for a Super Bowl event, or just a yummy meal for that matter. Thanks for sharing, and may you enjoy your games in the sun!

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