Gluten and Dairy Free at Coral Reef

Gluten and Dairy Free at Coral Reef in Disney!

A little while ago, the safest family vacation was Disney World, so I wrote a Magical Monday series of posts. Now, as you can tell from my past Travel Tuesday posts, I feel comfortable traveling much farther- even to the other side of the world. Nonetheless, my family still loves a good Disney vacation, so this month all my Travel Tuesday posts will be about (you guessed it) Disney!

Gluten and Dairy Free at Coral Reef
You’ll find Coral Reef just around the bend

On our last Disney trip we went to a restaurant we’d never been to before- Coral Reef. It’s nestled in the corner of EPCOT by the Finding Nemo Ride. I read great gluten and dairy free reviews in the past with the only real complaint being the noise from all the kids. I must admit, I didn’t find this restaurant to be unusually loud. AND, you have an amazing view of the aquarium from your seat! 

Gluten and Dairy Free at Coral Reef
We did happen to have front row seats of the aquarium at dinner, but every view is pretty good!

As for the food, there was quite an array of gluten and dairy free options. For appetizers there was an option of the charbroiled octopus or the frisée and endive salad. For an entrée there was a choice of a grilled New York Strip or Seared Rainbow Trout. And, for dessert they had mango sorbet. But, the best bit was Chef Nathan, who was more than willing to modify any dish on the menu to meet my celiac and allergy needs. 

Gluten and Dairy Free at Coral Reef
Coral Reef, EPCOT

I chose the octopus! It was quite tasty, and I loved the accompanying flavor of lemon in the potato salad. I had actually never tried octopus before, but I ate it out at dinner a couple of weeks later, and this was certainly my preferred flavor combination.

Gluten and Dairy Free at Coral Reef
Chilled Octopus

Then for my entrée, I chose the salmon. You’ll notice that wasn’t one of the gluten and dairy choices above, but I asked if it would be possible since it’s one of my favorite fish. It came with mashed potatoes (made with olive oil and quite delicious) as well as steamed broccoli. Now, don’t blame Chef Nathan for all the bacon. I asked for it, and then put it over everything. This was quite a tasty meal too!

Gluten and Dairy Free at Coral Reef

We skipped dessert. (Probably because I eat too much popcorn while in Disney.) But, this is most certainly a dining option we will return to time and time again. The view is spectacular, and EPCOT is one of the trickier parks to eat in with food allergies. (Although we also love Le Cellier in Canada as well.)

Gluten and Dairy Free at Coral Reef
Coral Reef Restaurant, EPCOT

Happy Travel Tuesday!

*This review is simply based on my personal experience at Disney in December of 2015.

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