Gluten Free in Copenhagen

Happy Travel Tuesday!

Today we’re wrapping up my trip to Copenhagen. While I didn’t have a chance to try all the gluten free options I heard about, you can read about the 3 I visited, and check out others in the following posts!

Option #1: Palæo

Review of Palæo (100% Gluten Free Restaurant in Copenhagen)
My First Bolo

This is my favorite option! This place follows the paleo diet and it’s menu options are all gluten free. (Always confirm this at the time of service.) This fast food style restaurant is serving healthy and delicious options. It’s great for when you’re on the go in the city, and it’s right by Strøget- convenient for any traveler. Learn more in my full review!

Option #2: 42 Raw

42 Raw Review (100% Gluten Free in Copenhagen)
You can see all the food! 😀

Located next door to Palæo is 42Raw. Now, this raw food restaurant has a ton of options- all of which are gluten free! (Once again, please confirm at the time of service.) My favorite part here- the smoothies! They’re delicious, and they reminded me of home since I’m quite the juice/smoothie consumer back home. Learn more about this celiac friendly spot in my full review!

Option #3: Grød

Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 8.55.50 AM

For porridge lovers, this is the spot to go. I have mixed opinions about whether this is “celiac safe.” They have separate gluten free oats and such; HOWEVER, I would be sure to be upfront with them if you have celiac and ask them to use a metal spoon (or a wooden spoon that hasn’t gone in the gluten grains.) There are multiple porridge toppings from dried berries to nuts. This is certainly a good breakfast spot if you have the courage to speak up!

Gluten Free in Copenhagen
A Snow Covered Denmark

And, that’s a wrap. We had a reservation for Tight, a restaurant with positive reviews from Wuthering Bites. Unfortunately, there was a snow storm, and we couldn’t make a train into the city!

Happy Travels!

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