100% Gluten Free Juice Shops in Boston

Juice Shops in Boston! (Dedicated Gluten Free)

Sometimes I just want an easy spot to meet up with a friend in the city, and that’s where juice shops come into place. They’re a brief meeting point, just like a coffee shop. (I’m personally not the biggest coffee drinker in town.) And, there’s plenty of options even with my dietary restrictions.

100% Gluten Free Juice Shops in Boston
Looking out at the Museum of Science (Cambridge, MA)

Of course my favorite will always be dedicated gluten free establishments, but that still leaves many juice shops across the country. T. Loft in Kansas City and Harlow in Portland, Oregon are two of my favorites. However, there are also some in my Boston hub that I enjoy too. Without further ado, let’s see the drinks!

Mother Juice (Cambridge, MA)

In Cambridge? Want to go somewhere with fresh, local ingredients? Then, Mother Juice may be your spot! Plus, it’s 100% gluten free, which is huge for a celiac.

100% Gluten Free Juice Shops in Boston
Mother Juice (Cambridge, MA)

My friends and I come here quite a bit.  We’re Museum of Science members, so Mother Juice makes for a nice walk. (It’s approximately 1.5 miles back and forth.) Along those same lines, you should really check out the Pixar exhibit while it’s in town.

100% Gluten Free Juice Shops in Boston
Side Note: Don’t miss the Pixar Exhibit while it’s in town!

Back to Mother Juice: The juices are cold-pressed and made in the morning, so I usually stick to a smoothie that they make to order. Since they use fresh and local ingredients, their menu is ever changing. My favorite smoothie is the mango green smoothie filled with kale, mango, banana, coconut water, and orange juice. It has the perfect amount of sweetness for the summertime!

100% Gluten Free Juice Shops in Boston
Mango Green Smoothie (Mother Juice, Cambridge, MA)
100% Gluten Free Juice Shops in Boston
There’s a nice seating area outside as well.

Some smoothies have left us less impressed; however, we’ve never had a bad drink. I’m sure it’s simply because there are different smoothies for different folks. While the price may not be cheap, it’s not overpriced for all the fresh ingredients you’re receiving.

I’m especially impressed with how they handle additional food allergies. For example, I have a cinnamon allergy and they use cinnamon in some of their smoothies. They go through extra precautions to ensure the machine has been well cleaned and no allergen is introduced when gathering the smoothie ingredients.

100% Gluten Free Juice Shops in Boston
A calming interior at Mother Juice. (Cambridge, MA)

To conclude, Mother Juice also serves raw, vegan snacks, although I haven’t tried any quite yet. This is certainly a spot where I’m willing to pop in with a friend when I’m in Cambridge, and you may enjoy it too.

Revolution Juice (Boston, MA)

Conveniently located by the Pru, this is a great meet up, and you can even enjoy your juice at the Reflection Pool across the street! Revolution Juice contains no gluten ingredients, and will answer your questions about additional allergens as well.

100% Gluten Free Juice Shops in Boston
While the outside of Revolution Juice is rather bland, the inside has quite a bit of charm.

My favorite juice at Revolution Juice is the Go to Green. IT consists of kale, spinach, parsley, dandelion, cucumber, apple, lemon, and ginger. Green juices with ginger tend to be my favorites across the board, so there are a wide array of options if this isn’t your thing.

100% Gluten Free Juice Shops in Boston
Go to Green Juice (Revolution Juice, Boston, MA)

One time I stepped outside my comfort zone to try the Lemon Classic, which contains kale, celery, cucumber, grapefruit, apple, lemon, and ginger. This one wasn’t quite as much up my alley because the lemon emphasis made the drink a bit sour. However, this juice could happen to be your favorite!

100% Gluten Free Juice Shops in Boston
Lemon Classic (Revolution Juice, Boston, MA)

100% Gluten Free Juice Shops in BostonRevolution Juice serves more than just juice, you can also pick up a smoothie, sorbet, coffee, tea, soup, etc. I recommend ensuring that the shop is still dedicated gluten free when you visit. This store is very focused on the health benefits to a plant-based diet, as well as GMO-free and organic food. While it may be slightly overwhelming for someone who is not a health nut, the staff is very friendly and they don’t try to push their knowledge on you.

100% Gluten Free Juice Shops in Boston
Tons of Options! (Revolution Juice, Boston, MA)

And, that’s all I have from here. There are plenty of other juice shops in the area. However, these are the two that I frequent due to their location and dedicated gluten free status. What’s your favorite juice shop?! Do you have any favorite quick stops in Boston?!

Happy Travel Tuesday, and enjoy your week!

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