Reviews of 100% Gluten Free Spots in the US

Reviews of 100% Gluten Free Spots

If you hadn’t noticed, I love to travel. Frequently, I only have the chance to stop in a location once when I’m on the road. So, while I can review the location, typically I only have the opinion on one dish. That’s where this article comes in. There are a few dedicated gluten free establishments that warrant a messaging on my page, but not necessarily a full post.

Reviews of 100% Gluten Free Spots
In Canada, check out some Toronto Reviews below.

When I’m traveling any restaurant that is 100% gluten free beats a non-dedicated establishment. (Assuming they are stringent with the products coming in.) Who wants to waste a vacation or miss a day of driving because they were “glutened?!” Yet, at the same point in time some dedicated gluten free establishments are better than others, and I always try to get that message across in all my reviews through the pros and cons listed.

Reviews of 100% Gluten Free Spots
Looking out across to America, where I visited for the remaining views.
Finding Dedicated Gluten Free Spots!
Find Me Gluten Free

Now, do you need help finding 100% gluten free spots?! You can always check out my page, which includes many more reviews. In the States, you can go to Find Me Gluten Free, and dedicated gluten free restaurants will pop up with a blue banner. (It’s sometimes, although rarely, wrong, so always call ahead.)

You can also perform a Google search, and one of my favorites is reaching out to a local blogger on their Contact Me Page. I’ve also put out tweets and received back suggestions before. There’s never any harm in asking, and so many individuals in the celiac community who want to help!

Without further ado, let’s see the food!

The Beet (Toronto, Canada)

Reviews of 100% Gluten Free Spots
My Good-Bye Drink as I drove back to the USA

I loved this shop! The atmosphere was pretty nice, and I found treats that I haven’t seen elsewhere. This is of course because I’m used to buying my gluten free treats in the U.S. While I found the smoothies to be a little pricy, they were absolutely delicious. They did a great job dealing with my additional food allergies, and guiding me through my order!

Reviews of 100% Gluten Free Spots
I didn’t try these, but a great example of some other products they offer.
Reviews of 100% Gluten Free Spots in the US
And, finally, there’s a cute atmosphere. 🙂

Bunners (Toronto, Canada)

I actually couldn’t eat here due to my multiple food allergies. However they had allergy friendly options. I wanted to give them a shout out because they’re near The Beet, and the staff was very friendly! So, if you’re in the area, let me know about your experience!!

Reviews of 100% Gluten Free Spots
Bunners- 100% Gluten Free (Toronto, Canada)

Juicy Jenny (Atlanta, GA)

Juicy Jenny was a nice place to find down south. I really loved the atmosphere in the shop!

Reviews of 100% Gluten Free Spots
Juicy Jenny (Atlanta, GA)
Reviews of 100% Gluten Free Spots
It’s filled with positive messages.
Reviews of 100% Gluten Free Spots
I didn’t find it too overwhelming in terms of health-consciousness compared to some shops.

Now, there are quite a few food offerings here as you’ll see from the menu below. (This also includes the prices, so you can be your own judge there.) In general, I really enjoyed my smoothie. It wasn’t anything out of this world, but it was certainly very good. On the other hand, I wasn’t the biggest fan of my chocolate chip baked good. It had a kind of odd texture. Yet, there were so many more offerings I wish I could try here, and I was so grateful for this celiac friendly option as I drove across the country.

Reviews of 100% Gluten Free Spots
Reviews of 100% Gluten Free Spots
My Dessert

Squirrel and the Bee (Short Hills, NJ)

Reviews of 100% Gluten Free Spots
Squirrel and The Bee

There were actually kids hanging out here after school, so it’s clearly not a total health-foods hope. However, this is a grainless bake shop. I once again didn’t try any baked products, and just enjoyed a smoothie. I ventured outside of my comfort zone ingredient wise and found this smoothie to be alright. I’m guessing if I chose flavors that I typically enjoy, I would have loved it more. And, the atmosphere is pretty cute too!

Reviews of 100% Gluten Free Spots
There are a lot of restrictions on the food here (gluten free, grain free, refined sugar free, etc.), so if those types of baked goods aren’t your thing, you may want to stick to a smoothie.

That’s all for now! Happy Tuesday and have a wonderful week!!

* Reviews based on experiences in Toronto (August 2014), Georgia (November 2014), and New Jersey (November 2014).

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