Fran's Chocolates for Celiacs (Review)

Gluten and Milk Free Options at Fran’s Chocolates! (Review)

Fran's Chocolates for Celiacs (Review)
The Georgetown Store (Seattle, WA)

Once you realize that you have to give up Godiva after your celiac diagnosis, you may be wondering what chocolates you can eat. While there are plenty of options, Fran’s Chocolates, is one I stumbled upon by accident on a trip to Seattle. (And, they sell them online as well!)

Fran’s Chocolates all began with Fran Bigelow. She opened her first patisseries thirty-two years ago after a trip to Europe. This master chocolatier focuses on simple, but intense flavors. You can read more about the foundation of this Seattle-based company on her website.

Fran's Chocolates for Celiacs (Review)
An array of truffles from the Georgetown storefront in Seattle. (NOT milk free)

Now, for the important part- Fran’s Chocolates do not contain gluten. The company is small, so they don’t test on a regular basis. However, all test results to date have come back at <5 ppm gluten. And, while I don’t want to publish a list of milk free products as this may change, you can check it out on their website! (All the products I tried were milk free at the time of purchase.)

Fran's Chocolates for Celiacs (Review)
Some of the chocolates I sampled.

Fran’s simple, yet intense flavors, certainly come through in her chocolates. While the chocolate covered fruit had a surge of flavor, my favorite was the chocolate-covered candied ginger. There was such a bite to this treat, and I was in love. Her other tasty treats and among the more popular with my family include the gray salt thins and the thin mints. (No, not the girl scout cookies.) These square bites of chocolate have an addition of salt or mint for the perfect flavor combination. And, with their bite size nature, it’s hard to eat just one!

Fran's Chocolates for Celiacs (Review)
Chocolate Covered Ginger- GF, DF (Fran’s Chocolates)

While they’re not milk free, I also sent my recently diagnosed cousin some of the caramel truffles, and it received positive reviews there too! What makes Fran’s Chocolates special is it began with a mission to make delicious chocolate. Once they realized they could use no gluten ingredients they made that a priority too. That’s just Fran’s warm spirit shining through.

Fran's Chocolates for Celiacs (Review)
Georgetown Storefront (Seattle, WA)- It’s by the airport, so the perfect stop on your way in/out of the city.

As Fran’s Chocolates continue to spread amongst its Seattle’s Storefronts, online ordering, and even in stores (such as Sur La Table), why not give them a shot! Have you seen Fran’s chocolates at a store near you? What are your favorite celiac and/or food allergy friendly chocolate companies?!

Happy cooking, and happy travels! 

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