A Celiac Review of a New Leaf (Needham, MA)

A Celiac Review of A New Leaf (Needham, MA)

A Celiac Review of a New Leaf (Needham, MA)
Needham, MA

Y’all know that I love to travel. And, sometimes I pretend I’m a tourist in surrounding towns. It’s great to see a town through a new lens, and appreciate the architecture, the shops, sculptures, etc. I highly recommend trying it out with any neighboring towns in your area!

A Celiac Review of a New Leaf (Needham, MA)
Needham, MA

I set out to explore Needham, MA after reading some reviews of a New Leaf on Find Me Gluten Free. While mislabelled as a dedicated gluten free establishment on Find Me Gluten Free, this shop is primarily gluten free. The owner stocks a few gluten-filled items due to customer requests.

Now, there are two parts to the store, the shop and the juicery, so we’ll review each part separately.

The Shop:

This shop is certainly not the most welcoming from its narrow aisles and its stuffiness. HOWEVER, the array of groceries offered in such a small space is quite impressive.

A Celiac Review of a New Leaf (Needham, MA)
My Favorite GF Gnocchi- It only takes a couple of minutes to cook and fills me up instantly. 🙂

You’ll see above that I was able to find Le Veneziane. While their pasta is becoming easier to find in stores, the gnocchi is still a rough find, and this happens to be one of my favorite gluten free products. Thus, A New Leaf is a great local place to go searching for some gluten free products you may have never tried before. The prices are comparable to any gluten free products. They’re expensive, but expected. They’re not trying to overcharge you here.

An important note: NOT everything in the store is gluten free. This is tricky because most of the store is gluten free. Therefore, you’ll need to read the labels closely!

Juicery/Smoothie Shop:

A Celiac Review of a New Leaf (Needham, MA)
A New Leaf (Needham, MA)

In the back of the store at the counter, you’re also able to order smoothies/juices. On the plus side, there are quite an array of options. However, the service was very slow, even though we were the only ones in the shop. And, I didn’t find the staff to be the friendliest. (I will admit it was the height of allergy season, and they seemed to be bothered by their seasonal allergies.)

Now, we didn’t try all the smoothies or juices. But, I almost always love the juice option that contains ginger, and this one really didn’t cut it for me. There was too much foam on top and the flavors were much too harsh.

A Celiac Review of a New Leaf (Needham, MA)
The Morning Energizer Juice. I have no idea why I covered my juice in grass, but the colors kind of go together!

My friend had a smoothie from there, and while she didn’t dislike it, it definitely wasn’t one of her favorite smoothies. Needless to say from the quality of the smoothie and the helpfulness of the staff, this is not a spot I’ll be returning to for a juice or a smoothie.

A Celiac Review of a New Leaf (Needham, MA)
A New Leaf (Needham, MA)

Recap: If you’re looking to find some new gluten free products, this might be your shop. However, for my juices and smoothies, I’ll be using my Charlie Card into the city to enjoy one from Revolution Juice or Mother Juice. (Their reviews will be coming soon!)

Happy Tuesday, and as always, happy cooking!

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