GF and DF at Cinderella's Royal Table

Celiac Review of Cinderella’s Royal Table

GF and DF at Cinderella's Royal Table
“Heigh Ho!” – Magic Kingdom Parade

Happy Magical Monday!

This Disney trip we were on a Princess Dining scavenger hunt, and what better place to start than in Cinderella’s Castle?!

Inside you’ll dine with your favorite Disney Princesses. We saw Ariel, Jasmine, Cinderella, and Snow White.

GF and DF at Cinderella's Royal Table
If the front entrance to the castle is closed for a show, you can walk around to the back of the castle by the carousel to enter!

GF and DF at Cinderella's Royal TableWhen checking in, it’s always important to check that the restaurant knows about your food allergies. (A big red stamp should appear on your meal ticket, but you can always ask too.) You’ll first head into an elegantly decorated main room. Once inside you’ll wait to see Cinderella. Then you’ll wait for your Royal Family to be announced, at which time you may head upstairs to the main dining room.

GF and DF at Cinderella's Royal Table
Main Dining Room’s Ceiling
GF and DF at Cinderella's Royal Table
The Menu

The main dining room is beautiful. It’s even the perfect spot for a proposal. We saw one by the window that involved a glass slipper. Pretty cool! Once seated your server will be alerted of your food allergies. Here, our server told us that he couldn’t place anything on the table (including drinks) until we spoke with the chef. That was fine by me, I love when places take precautions!

The chef quickly came out to our table to help me select my menu options. He was willing to cook pretty much any modification I could come up with off of the menu which was pretty cool.

GF and DF at Cinderella's Royal Table
Princess Jasmine at Cinderella’s Royal Table

As we waited for our food, the princesses slowly began to appear. They come out one at a time followed by an announcement that includes a bit of their fairytale story! And, before the night is over, there’s a little ceremony where you get to make a magic wish. All the kids will receive a wishing stone and a magic wand for this ceremony. (Although, I’m in my twenties, and Disney still considered me a kid for this part of dinner!)

GF and DF at Cinderella's Royal Table
“When you wish upon a star…”

While the princesses walked around, we were served our meals. I began with my appetizer, which included crustaceans on rice. While not a meal with the most flavor, it was well cooked. The presentation came out well (even if it was difficult to picture), and it was plenty to fill me to start!

GF and DF at Cinderella's Royal Table

For my entrée, I picked my favorite meat and veggies again. My favorite is of course carrots. I loved the shrimp on top of the fillet, and I was appreciative of the rice to complete the dish. While it was once again a simple dish, the chef did a great job preparing it in a safe manner alongside the rest of the meals. At Cinderella’s Royal Table all the guests are fed around the same time (due to the princesses’ rotation around the dining room), so it’s impressive how quickly my meal came out. (In fact, he even brought it out before my family’s meal!)

GF and DF at Cinderella's Royal Table

While I had sorbet for dessert, my mom and sister had the cutest (gluten-filled) dish, that I just had to share!

GF and DF at Cinderella's Royal Table

GF and DF at Cinderella's Royal TableCinderella’s Royal Table was a great way to see a ton of the Disney characters. I felt as though my dietary restrictions were taken seriously. (Side note: Some people with severe food allergies do take concern over food that made be tracked along from one table to the other via characters.)

And, while this is a great stop, next week I’ll be sharing my absolute favorite Princess dining experience. So be sure to stop on by for next week’s Magical Monday Post! Until then…

Have a magical week!

BabyCakes NYC in Disney

* Magical Mondays will be running through June and July of 2015. All reviews are written about my trip to Disney World in May of 2015, and will not be updated to reflect more recent changes.

6 thoughts on “Celiac Review of Cinderella’s Royal Table

  1. I have never been to her castle, EVER, and I’ve been to disney 482349823 times! I am totes jealous, and as you said, it may not be flavorful but it was filling and safe, can’t go wrong with meat ever 🙂

    1. If you’ve been 482349823 times, you’ve got me beat! They also have one of those Bippity Boppity Boutiques on the other side of the castle, where kids dress up as their favorite princess (hair and all). BUT, the cutest thing we saw at dinner, was a little boy dressed up like Prince Charming. So precious! And, yeah, it was great, but I loved the other princess dining restaurant we visited, which will have a review up next Monday! 😀

  2. We dined there are few years ago, with a dairy free and a seperate gluten free request. We were greeted by the chef and were spoilt for choice. I even got a nice chocolate cake. A wonderful experience.

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