Gluten and Dairy Free at Sanaa (Animal Kingdom Lodge)

GF and DF at Sanaa (Animal Kingdom Lodge)

Happy Magical Monday! There’s a lot of exciting changes and construction going on in the Animal Kingdom, which means one of the best parades is on a short hiatus. However, there’s still plenty to do from Expedition Everest to the Safari! (Plus, Pluto and Goofy have got to be one of my favorite character spots.)

Gluten and Dairy Free at Sanaa (Animal Kingdom Lodge)
Our View from the Safari

On our Animal Kingdom day we like to try out Sanaa because it has a different type of cuisine than any other restaurant in Disney World. While not located in the park, it’s only a short bus ride away!

Magical Mondays: Sanaa
Sanaa, Animal Kingdom Lodge

As you plan your day, be sure to leave extra time for that bus ride. (It can take longer than you think.) And if you happen to arrive early (like we did this time), you can always check in or go see the animals roaming outside. That’s right, the Animal Kingdom Lodge has animals that roam all around it. Pretty cool, right?!Magical Mondays: Sanaa

Gluten and Dairy Free at Sanaa (Animal Kingdom Lodge)
Cozy Booth!

Hopefully, you’ll get a window seat because you can see the animals as you enjoy your meal. However, no matter where you sit, you’ll be able to catch a glimpse of the animals . So, if you don’t get a window seat, you could end up in a nice cozy booth. Either way, there’s not really a bad spot in the house.

Now, my mom and sister LOVE this restaurant for its flatbreads. Unfortunately, I can’t eat them. I know they have a gluten free version, but I’ve never asked about cross-contact and such due to my other allergens on that dish. And, my cinnamon allergy actually makes a lot of the dishes difficult to eat.

Gluten and Dairy Free at Sanaa (Animal Kingdom Lodge)
Fish of the Day

However, after speaking extensively with the chef, they were able to pull off a fish dish right off of the menu. The sauce was quite refreshing with all the citrus flavors. And, while beans aren’t my thing, I thought all the flavors of this dish melded well together. I was able to talk to her about cross-contact as well.

Since my cinnamon allergy does cause so many issues at Sanaa, the next time we eat here I’ll be speaking with the chef in advance. However, they have always made due with my later notice as well. (Please note we do list my allergies when making the reservation online.)  Last time, I had some off menu dishes that were oh, so tasty!

Magical Mondays: Sanaa
Steak and Veggies!
Magical Mondays: Sanaa
With a Side of Potatoes

While I loved the steak and potatoes, it was cool to have a more authentic flavored meal this trip! My one warning about Sanaa is that the service is very slow. (And, this isn’t just because of my food allergies. It’s just a slow place.) So, you won’t want to be in a rush!

It’s a great stop if you’re only doing a half day in the Animal Kingdom and taking a relaxing afternoon. OR, if you want a longer dinner. And, finally, if you’re staying if you’re staying at the Animal Kingdom Lodge, you’ve got a great restaurant right downstairs.

Have a Magical Week!

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* Magical Mondays will be running through June and July of 2015. All reviews are written about my trip to Disney World in May of 2015, and will not be updated to reflect more recent changes.

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