A Review of Olive in Atlantis

Gluten Free at Olives in Atlantis

A Review of Olive in Atlantis During my time in Atlantis, I had the opportunity to dine at three different restaurants: Mesa Grill, Chop Stix, and Olives. Out of these Olives was the biggest surprise.

Like all the Atlantis restaurants the chef came out to speak with me, but he spent an extensive amount of time reviewing all my options and checking in with me throughout my meal. (Of course this depends on which chef is working.)

A Review of Olive in Atlantis
Inside Olives in Atlantis
A Review of Olive in Atlantis
My Marked Up Menu!

We also marked up the menu as we went over it. Although he took my order at the end of the conversation, it was a great way to review all the different options we discussed.

I was also able to modify most menu items. And, I was able to pick and choose parts of different dishes.  As you’ll quickly see, I’m a big fan of tomatoes.

Most meals will begin with crackers and an olive spread, which my dad and sister both enjoyed. While they ordered the expanded spread, they’re favorite olive spread is the one that is complimentary served.

A Review of Olive in Atlantis
My Family’s Olive and Cheese Spread with Crackers (CONTAINS GLUTEN and ALLERGENS)

I on the other hand began with the caprese salad. Of course it didn’t have cheese due to my milk allergy. However, I’m such a huge tomato fan, and this dish had plenty of flavor with the herbs and onions.

A Review of Olive in Atlantis
Caprese Salad without Cheese

And, don’t worry, I once again had tomatoes with my entrée. I actually didn’t order these, the chef surprised me with them, and I couldn’t have been more excited. They had a similar taste as the caprese salad, just a little bit lighter. Now, I ordered a filet with fingerling potatoes. The filet was cooked to order (and separately), while the fingerling potatoes were beautifully seasoned.

A Review of Olive in Atlantis
Filet Mignon, Fingerling Potatoes, and Tomatoes!

Lastly, the chef brought out a sorbet for dessert with fruit. The vibrant colors made this dairy free treat even more festive. My younger sister enjoyed a bit of my mango sorbet as well. (After I ate it of course!)

A Review of Olive in Atlantis
Sorbet for Dessert at Olives

While Olives is not a dedicated gluten free establishment, which are the safest dining establishments, I felt as though the staff at Olives took both my celiac disease and food allergies very seriously. They were willing to answer all of my questions about the food’s preparation as well.

One last thing to note. Olives is located off of the casino in the Royal Towers. This isn’t a prime location for those of us who don’t gamble or aren’t fond of smoke. Fortunately, you can ask for a table in the back. The restaurant winds a bit, so you’ll barely notice the smoke from the casino once you’re inside.

A Review of Olive in Atlantis
Outside The Cove in Atlantis

A final recap of my trip to Atlantis will be coming out next week, where you can learn all about how to have fun in the sun!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful week, and to those embracing Juno, be sure to stay warm! Happy Cooking!

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