Nutted Wild Rice for Thanksgiving (GF, V)

Ringing in the New Year with Some Old Favorites

And a Happy New Year!

2014 was a huge year on GF Life 24/7 as we grew from zero followers to over fourteen hundred! To celebrate the new year, we’re looking back at the most popular blog posts of 2014, your favorites! They represent the full variety of what GF Life 24/7 has to offer recipes, reviews, and other gluten free news bits.

Let’s begin the countdown!

#5: Gluten Free in NYC- Restaurants! 

Gluten Free in NYC

Gluten Free in NYC- Lilly and Loo
From Lilly and Loo!

I love to travel, so I was thrilled that you loved this piece as well! My journeys through NYC included 100% gluten free restaurants and bakeries!

In this piece you can learn more about Hu Kitchen, The Little Beet, and Lilly and Loo. Hopefully, as I travel more, I’ll be able to try out some of the restaurants that y’all have suggested too. 🙂

#4: My Gingerbread House Recipe (GF, DF, EF)

Sturdy Gingerbread House (GF, DF, EF)
My first gluten free gingerbread house!

“Deck the halls with balls of holly” and gingerbread houses in my home. One year we made all of the reindeers’ houses. Gingerbread has been a family tradition dating back to my great grandmother. To keep the holiday spirit alive, we adapted the recipe following my celiac diagnosis.

This post only came out a few weeks ago, but climbed to the top quickly. If you’ve got any holiday spirit left in you, feel free to give this one a read.

#3: Magical Monday: Be Our Guest Review

Be Our Guest at WDW ReviewDisney is one of my favorite places, and my Magical Monday series explores my dining experiences from Disney World to Disneyland and even aboard the Disney Cruise. Your favorite post is my go-to quick service spot in the park: Be Our Guest. The food is delivered right to your seat and the quinoa dish already meets my allergy needs.

I cannot wait for the Magical Monday series to continue in 2015!

#2: A Sweet Change: transOcean’s Dedicated Gluten Free Facility

Crab Classic Goes Gluten FreeGluten free news and stories don’t always headline on my blog, but when they do, they’re usually important. In October, transOcean’s Crab Classic went gluten free with a dedicated factory and all. I love to see a product that looks out for the celiac community and takes plenty of precautions. You can learn more about this change in a more recent video.

#1: Oodles of Zoodles, A Vegan Delight

Oodles of ZoodlesAnd the number one post of 2015 was Oodles of Zoodles! I experimented with zoodles as a I began making some quick, simple meals on my own. Since this post, I’ve come up with many new favorite recipes.

This Christmas my cousin gave me a new spiralizer, so now I have one in Colorado as well. I cannot wait to update this article later this season! Hopefully, I’ll be making some sweet potato fries in interesting shapes too!

What would you like to see on the Wanderlust Celiac in the next year?! Happy 2015! And, I look forward to another year of blogging, sharing my experiences, and hearing from you! 

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