Allergy Dining at Storytellers Cafe in Disneyland (Hashbrown Omelette)

Allergy Dining at Storytellers’ Character/Critter Breakfast (Disneyland)

Allergy Dining at Storytellers Cafe in Disneyland

Allergy Dining at Storytellers Cafe in Disneyland (Hashbrown Omelette)
Hash Brown Omelette (Scroll down to learn more about the food!)

As you may know, I love eating at buffet restaurants in Disney. Hold up… we all know that cross-contact is a huge issue on buffets, so why are they my favorite? At Disney you won’t eat off the buffet, instead there is a chef on staff ready to prepare all the allergy friendly meals. It’s where I’ve found my most creative dishes in the past. And, since buffets are all you can eat, I’m always given tons of options!

The Atmosphere

Allergy Dining at Storytellers Cafe in DisneylandI was very excited to go to Storytellers Cafe, a character breakfast spot at Disney’s Grand Californian Resort and Spa. Plus, this restaurant features characters you don’t typically see throughout the park, such as Koda from Brother Bear or Meeko from Pocahontas.

Character breakfasts are a chance for everyone to embrace their inner-child. In fact, due to the Avengers Superheroes Half Marathon, the restaurant was filled with adults! Some of them were more excited for the classic characters that were there as well!

Allergy Dining at Storytellers Cafe in Disneyland
Chilling with Chip!

Lastly, I loved the atmosphere. I come from a very outdoors loving family. We have more bear and moose statues, etc. in our home than you could imagine. Therefore, the décor in Storytellers Cafe was right up my alley! And, it was more calming than many of the other character breakfast spots, such as Goofy’s Kitchen or Chef Mickey’s.

Allergy Dining at Storytellers Cafe in Disneyland
Everything from the lanterns to the trim tells a story.

The Food

From the moment I sat down, my waiter was wonderful about addressing my celiac disease and food allergies. He headed straight back to the kitchen to grab a chef. I knew I was going to be a challenge. While most GF, DF, EF guests at Disney can indulge in Mickey waffles, I unfortunately cannot have the tapioca starch in them. Therefore, it’s very hard for restaurants to come up with a GF/DF breakfast that does not incorporate eggs.

I was expecting bacon and fruit, when the waiter suggested a hash brown omelet. At first, I had no idea what he was talking about, but he assured me that it didn’t use eggs. Then, we discussed what exactly would go in the pan, how it would be oiled, etc. And, when he brought it out, I wasn’t let down.

Allergy Dining at Storytellers Cafe in Disneyland (Hashbrown Omelette)
My First Hash Brown Omelet

I was so excited to see the allergy stick. Although, my meal was brought out by my waiter, and the chef came to check on me immediately afterward. Disneyland is a little less consistent with their allergy policies than Disney World, so I didn’t have an allergy stick on each of my meals. 😦

Allergy Dining at Storytellers Cafe in Disneyland (Hashbrown Omelette)
A Bite of Hash Brown Omelette

The hash brown omelette was both tasty and filling. I love how he made the dish look like a breakfast treat, rather than a stir fry or something similar. Plus, the array of vegetables was a fantastic tough. The mushrooms were certainly my favorite though!

Now, as I was preparing to run the half marathon the following morning, I had been drinking quite a bit of water. Our waiter noticed this, so before we headed out the door he refilled my glass and brought me a to-go cup. So sweet!

Allergy Dining at Storytellers Cafe in Disneyland
Water To Go!

The Wrap Up

I had an amazing time at Storytellers and I highly recommend checking it out for anyone with food allergies or celiac disease in your family. I love how the folklore comes alive, and all the critters make for a great treat as well. Most importantly, be sure to ask all the questions you need to feel comfortable eating. Sometimes I feel as though we get caught up in the routine that Disney can’t mess up, but they’re only human. It’s important to be your own advocate every time you eat out. 🙂

Have a magical week!

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* This dining experience occurred November 2014.

3 thoughts on “Allergy Dining at Storytellers’ Character/Critter Breakfast (Disneyland)

    1. Awh, I never eat off of buffets. I’m not willing to take that chance. BUT, at Disney they’ll make you anything in the back (including whatever item you saw on the buffet). AND, because it’s all you can eat, they’ll bring you as much food as you want. 🙂

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