Christmas in Disney World 2014

Christmas in Disney World 2014

Christmas in Disney World 2014Last week we dove into the magic of the Christmas celebrations that have already begun in Disneyland this season, and now we’re headed to Disney World!

There is a ton of Christmas magic spread throughout watch of the parks. I checked out Hollywood Studios, which features the Osbourne Light Spectacular, and the Magic Kingdom during my November trip. Now, unlike Disneyland, you’ll need to buy a ticket to Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party to experience all of the Christmas magic at Disney World (before 12/20).

Christmas in Disney World 2014
“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.”

As the Christmas season develops there will be more events unfolding at Walt Disney World. For example, EPCOT was still celebrating the Food & Wine Festival during my visit. But, here’s what I was saw during my trip! Please share any more holiday magic that you find in the parks as well.

Hollywood Studios

The Osbourne Family’s Spectacle of Dancing Lights

This show begins at dusk. The whole boulevard lights up, and it’s magical to say the least. The park is programmed to play different songs, and as they play the lights “dance.” The lights will pause for a short break and then begin again. Christmas in Disney World 2014 Christmas in Disney World 2014

Fun Fact: If you run the Wine and Dine half marathon, you’ll go through this attraction. Of course, they don’t have the full blown show, but it’s a remarkable site around mile 11. Plus, there are a bunch of elves that you can take your picture with as well!

Christmas in Disney World 2014
Wine and Dine Half through Hollywood Studios

Character Appearances

Phineas and Ferb were out in their Santa hats, as well as Goofy in a full Santa outfit! They’re both located in the back of the park toward the Lights, Motor, Action show.

Wandering Oaken’s Frozen Snowground

Christmas in Disney World 2014
“Do you want to build a snowman?”

While it’s been around since summer, one last bit of wintery fun is at Wandering Oaken’s Frozen Snowground. Here, your children can play in the snow. Yes, real snow!

Located in the back of Hollywood Studios, this is a great little spot to cool off. And, of course, it’s located right next to a Frozen gift shop, aka: Wandering Oaken’s Shop!

Magic Kingdom


The park is all decked out for Christmastime, and it’s a beautiful site to see from the moment you enter the gates.

Christmas in Disney World 2014
Holiday Magic Kingdom Entrance

Christmas in Disney World 2014With the decorations in bloom, Disney seems so much more festive. And, let’s be honest, Disney World is my “happy place” any time of the year.

Not only do you see decorations as you enter the parks, but they exist throughout the parks. For example, the entrance sign to Frontierland is covered in garland.

As you spend your day throughout the park, there is an unforgettable holiday feeling that is also set by the Christmas tunes.

Christmas in Disney World
Entrance to Main Street, USA

The Jingle Cruise

The Jungle Cruise transforms into the Jingle Cruise during this most wonderful time of the year. How cool is that?!Christmas in Disney World 2014

Not only do they add holiday decorations, but they focus on some of the smaller details, such as the boat names.

Christmas in Disney World 2014
My Jingle Cruise Boat
Christmas in Disney World 2014
Jingle Cruise Tree

Now my favorite part of the ride are all the Christmas themed jokes. They were so corny and kept me laughing the whole time. There was also a pretty funny “wrapping center” because animals are marvelous at wrapping gifts.

This is the only ride that truly transforms at Disney World, compared to Disneyland where the Holiday Haunted Mansion was one of my favorite parts of the trip.

A Frozen Holiday Wish

You can also catch this show during regular park hours. Learn more below!

Magic Kingdom: Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party

Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmastime Parade

This parade floats on the Disney World parade were phenomenal. I loved the inclusion of some of the old school characters, such as Clarabelle Cow.

Christmas in Disney World 2014
Gingerbread Clarabelle
Christmas in Disney World 2014
Olaf Parade Float

And, of course there were the new characters from Frozen as well. There were actually multiple Frozen floats with Olaf and Hans both receiving their own! (Ana and Elsa share a float.)

To wrap it up, Disney World put on a wonderful parade. There were definitely more dancers and performers in the Disneyland’s Holiday parade, which I really enjoyed. However, these floats here are magnificent, and something you won’t want to miss!

A Frozen Holiday Wish

This show can also be viewed during the day time if you catch the last show before the Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party.

Christmas in Disney World 2014
My Favorite

The show concludes with Elsa decorating the castle and snow as fireworks go off behind her.

Christmas in Disney World 2014
Elsa sets off the fireworks!

Celebrate the Magic

Prior to the fireworks show, Holiday Wishes, Cinderella’s castle lights up to some of your favorite Disney classics and holiday tunes.

Christmas in Disney World 2014
“Hakuna Matata”

The show will then shift away from your favorite Disney tunes to fit the mood of the show- Christmas!

Christmas in Disney World 2014
The Best Gift of All- Cinderella’s Castle!

While lights on the castle may not sound that exciting at first, I found this show to be breathtaking and well put together. It’s also the perfect prelude for Holiday Wishes!

Holiday Wishes- Celebrate the Spirit of the Season

Holiday Wishes is a spectacular fireworks show as always. Tinkerbell still flies, and the castle continues to light up as we saw in the Celebrate the Magic show.

Christmas in Disney World 2014
Snow Covered Castle

If you stand toward the front, the fireworks show is expansive enough to give you a panoramic view at some points in time. And, of course, every spark is on cue with the music. This is a show you won’t want to miss.

Christmas in Disney World 2014
Holiday Wishes!

As you walk away from the fireworks, you won’t want to miss the snowfall down Main St. (pictured above).

A Totally Tomorrowland Christmas

You can head over to Tomorrowland for another sweet show option featuring some characters not seen on the main stage in front of the castle, such as Stitch, Mike Wazoski, and Buzz Lightyear. My favorite part of the show featured Buzz vs. Zurg battle. The narrative was a parody of Jingle Bells, while the dances also featured some upbeat Christmas tunes.

Christmas in Disney World 2014
Totally Tomorrowland Christmas Show

While maybe this isn’t a “must see,” I certainly want to miss it. You’ll enjoy all fifteen minutes of this show. 🙂

Character Dance Parties

Christmas in Disney World 2014
Santa Ferb Dancing Away

There are two character dance parties going on with The Diamond Horseshow hosting “Holiday Hootenanny!” and Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Café hosting “Club Tinsel.”

I headed over to Club Tinsel, where Phineas and Ferb were dancing away in their Santa hats. The music was very upbeat, and everyone had a lot of fun!

Many parents also took this attraction as an opportunity to take a picture of their children with Phineas and/or Ferb. It’s a pretty special experience to receive this much one on one attention from a Disney character!

Character Appearances

There are some characters dressed in holiday attire throughout the whole day, such as Christmas Goofy over at Hollywood Studios. However, special characters come out at night and most put on their holiday garb. I loved seeing Scrooge McDuck, Donald, and Daisy representing the Christmas Carol (and friends).

Christmas in Disney World 2014
Heigh Ho

Now, my favorite character greeting was all seven dwarves. They’re just too cute!

Holiday Treats

Christmas in Disney World 2014
For Those 21 & Up (Not Complimentary)

Now, you have multiple locations throughout the park that are handing out complimentary hot cocoa and cookies. Yummy!

You can also purchase alcoholic beverages in the park if you are of age. In Disney style, these include special holiday drinks, such as “the Gumdrop” and the “Winter Berry Margarita.”

However, maybe some of y’all have celiac disease and/or food allergies like me. Then, Disney is also offering a “healthy choice,” which does not contain any of the Top 8 allergens- apple slices!

Christmas in Disney World 2014
The Healthy Snack Option

 An Allergy Update

Christmas in Disney World 2014
Look for the EpiPen Logo!

Today, many of us are aware of the need for epinephrine to treat allergies (bee stings, foods, etc.). While you should always carry your EpiPen with you and follow your own anaphylaxis plan, Disney recently entered a partnership with Mylan to make EpiPens more available in the parks.

Over the next few years, this partnership will mean that EpiPens be available in the case of emergencies throughout Disney Parks & Cruise Ship. To help the public find these locations, Mylan logos will begin appearing on Disney maps as well. Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Map contained the first logo I’ve seen to date!

Now I just love Disney during the holiday season! Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party (11/7-12/20)  is a great way to feel the holiday season without embracing the crowds of Christmas week itself.

Looking forward come back each week for a review of Disney restaurant (good or bad) with dietary restrictions in mind. And, feel free to check out the rest of my Magical Monday Series!

What is your favorite holiday attraction in Disney World?! 

Until next time, have a magical week!

2 thoughts on “Christmas in Disney World 2014

  1. Oh, I am about to cry, Kaila. I want to go to Disneyland, too. I am such a child. I cried when I went to Universal Studios in Singapore. Hahaha. Thank you for sharing and I am really glad you had fun. 🙂

    1. Thanks, Jhuls! I was so fortunate to see both Disney World and Disneyland at Christmastime this year because I ran the Coast-to-Coast Challenge in November. I haven’t experienced the holidays at Disney since I was around five years old, so it was a surreal experience. Now, it’s time to return to the working world! But, I still have a few more travel stories to share in the upcoming weeks. 🙂

      P.S: I just browsed the attractions at Universal in Singapore, and I probably would have had happy tears too!

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