100% Gluten Free Restaurants in Philly

100% Gluten Free Restaurants in Philadelphia!

100% Gluten Free Restaurants in PhillyThis past weekend I had the opportunity to return to one of my old stomping grounds- Philadelphia! Between catching up with friends and dressing up as Olaf, I managed to squeeze in some time to eat at two 100% gluten free restaurants! (Surprisingly, the Olaf costume was equally a hit among the parents, 20-somethings, and the trick-or-treaters that I met.)

Now, I went to lunch at Agno Grill and P.S. & Co., which are both located by Rittenhouse Square.They have many similarities as dedicated gluten free businesses with rustic atmospheres, tasty food, and a focus on locally grown products.

My personal favorite was Agno Grill because I wouldn’t necessarily notice that the restaurant was gluten free, and I feel comfortable bringing all my friends there. However, some of you will certainly prefer P.S. & Co., which is also vegan and focuses on low glycemic options. I recommend visiting both, but you can read my reviews below to determine which one charms you the most.

Agno Grill – NOW CLOSED (2018 Update)

100% Gluten Free Restaurants in PhillyAt Agno Grill, you can build a salad, bowl with black rice, or a wrap. And, while the restaurant is not vegan, it’s well-suited for both a milk and an egg allergy. There are endless protein options, and there were only two sides I couldn’t have, the chickpeas and cucumber tomato salad! Since everything is made in-house, they are also wonderful about addressing ingredients and any other food allergy or intolerance questions that you may have.

Now, I always ask for recommendations when eating at a new location. While my waitress was vegan, she told me a story about a couple that calls ahead and only comes if the steak is available. Of course, I had the steak, and enjoyed every savory bite.

100% Gluten Free Restaurants in Philly
My Bowl: Black Rice, Steak, Roasted Carrots, Quinoa Tabouli, Spinach with the Spicy Harissa and Lemon Tahini Sauces

I topped it off with the spicy harissa sauce she recommended, which isn’t too spicy, and adds a lot of flavor. It’s a solid idea to pick a spicier and a more mild sauce that blend together well. You can certainly ask for suggestions too!

100% Gluten Free Restaurants in Philly
The Steak and Spicy Harissa Sauce Combination is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Agno Grill is such a great quick spot! I love how it’s both nutritious and safe for those with celiac disease. There aren’t many faster meal options for those with dietary constraints, which makes Agno Grill a breath of fresh air.

100% Gluten Free Restaurants in Philly

Last, but certainly not least, Agno Grill is a tranquil environment if you choose to dine-in. The trash bin is made out of a cute, wooden barrel. Although, if you don’t have time to stop by you can order your meal to-go, or they will always deliver as well! (In the Philadelphia area of course.)

Pure Sweets & Co. (P.S. & Co.)

100% Gluten Free Restaurants in Philly

If you think the outside of P.S. & Co. is cute, just wait until you walk inside, and are greeted by a beautiful brick piece.

100% Gluten Free Restaurants in Philly

Charming to say the least?! P.S. and Co. is gluten free, vegan, kosher parve cafe. They focus on making their meals healthy, which is pretty cool. And, I really appreciate their use of local farms.

100% Gluten Free Restaurants in Philly
You know exactly where your food came from at P.S. & Co.

100% Gluten Free Restaurants in Philly

P.S. & Co. is not only open about the local farms they use, but they’re also willing to tell you the manufacturer of any ingredient. They only buy gluten free ingredients, and run quarterly tests to ensure their food is gluten free. (Note: P.S. & Co. is wonderful for those with a dairy and egg allergy due to their vegan status, but is NOT recommended for those with a nut allergy at this time.)

They have cold-pressed juices, refrigerated meals to go, and a whole dessert buffet. However, my friend and I decided to enjoy a Saturday brunch! She began with the tea, which smelt amazing, and came with the most beautiful petals on the inside.

100% Gluten Free Restaurants in PhillyWhile she enjoyed her tea, I checked out the “jelly beans.” They were autumn flavored and certainly in season. They use two dyes, one of which is beet juice; although, I cannot recall the other one currently. 100% Gluten Free Restaurants in Philly

The brunch menu is seasonal. The autumn menu features four items: coconut yogurt, matcha chia pudding, quinoa pancakes, and oven baked vegetable quiche. I chose the oven baked vegetable quiche, which included a quinoa crust, tofu layer, and is topped with a butternut squash spread. (There were a few more ingredients in each layer as well.)

100% Gluten Free Restaurants in Philly

Despite having the meal described to me, it wasn’t exactly what I was expecting. However, it was tasty! The salad had a very refreshing dressing on it, which was one of my favorite parts. The quinoa layer added a bit of crunch, and the butternut squash topping was rich enough to pull the quiche together.

100% Gluten Free Restaurants in Philly

While I am excited that I can drag all my friends to Agno Grill and it will seem like a “normal restaurant.” I love all the unique traits of P.S. & Co. as well from their organic offerings to unique takes on special dishes.  Like I said earlier, for some of you, P.S. & Co. is bound to be your favorite of these two spots!

Other Dedicated Gluten Free Philly Spots!

For other dedicated gluten free locations around the U.S., look for the blue dots on my Travel Reviews Map!

Celiac Travel Reviews
Travel Review Map! 

Which of these two restaurants do you want to check out?! Do you have a favorite gluten free (or food allergy friendly) restaurant in Philly?

Hope y’all enjoyed the extra hour of sleep this weekend. And, cheers to happy (and safe) travels!

P.S: Magical Mondays will be returning following my first of two half marathons in the Coast-to-Coast challenge THIS WEEKEND!

9 thoughts on “100% Gluten Free Restaurants in Philadelphia!

  1. uhm, WISHING I went to Agno grill when I was in Philly, it looks SO good 🙂 as for the PS & Co, definitely eclectic, which can be tough to have others be on board with going to (I can eat here, but everyone will hate it type of scenario). That steak from Agno looks mouth watering!

    1. Exactly! That’s what I love about Agno. You can bring anyone there (who would normally eat at a Chipotle, so pretty much anyone), and they won’t think that you dragged them to a 100% GF spot. It’s a little pricier (and nicer) than Chipotle, but quick and safe, so I really like it. (They also have vegan options.) I almost went back a second time to get another steak bowl. Although, the other protein options looked tasty too. 🙂

    1. Thanks! I’ve heard great things about 100% GF restaurants in LA, and looking out for cross-contact with other allergens. Some day I’ll have to go check them all out! So far the city that I’ve visited with the most options is NYC. 🙂

  2. I read this more than a month ago, but now I’m going to Philly so I pulled it back up. I am excited to have real options! And I’m drooling over the menu at Sweet Freedom. I am absolutely making a point of going there, even though they aren’t open one day I know I’ll have the chance! Thanks for sharing your experiences — they are helpful.

    1. Hi, Mary Kate! I missed this comment somewhere along the way, but thanks for reading. I loved your review as well. Hopefully, we keep traveling the same way, so we can help each other out. 🙂

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