Crab Classic Tacos

A Sweet Change: transOcean’s Dedicated Gluten Free Facility

Have you seen this product before?Crab Classic Goes Gluten Free

transOcan’s Crab Classic is the most popular surimi seafood brand in the United States. It’s made from wild Alaska Pollock, starches, and other flavorings. But, if you’ve seen it in stores before, it probably didn’t contain a gluten free label. That’s because Crab Classic used to be made with wheat starch; however, the company recently made a decision to switch to pea and tapioca starches, AND they did it well.

After receiving requests from consumers for a gluten free product, transOcean began taste testing and found that there wasn’t a difference between the gluten-filled and gluten-free starches. That’s when they decided to make a change. The company wanted to be safe for those with celiac disease, and made the move to producing this product in a 100% gluten free facility in mid-October. Since nothing else has changed about the product, it’s still the same flavor profile that everyone knows and loves.

Crab Classic Goes Gluten Free
transOcean at the GFAF Expo

transOcean announced the change last week, and I had the opportunity to speak with them at the Gluten and Allergen Free Expo in Springfield, MA this weekend. I loved listening to their story because it taught me that our voices can truly make a difference. It wasn’t an executive with celiac disease, but instead, the voices of consumers that sparked transOcean’s change. I also learned that it can be worthwhile for companies to produce gluten free products in a safe way – less labeling, an expanded audience, and more. Always be sure to explain the benefit of producing products in a dedicated facility because you never know what a company may decide to do down the road!

Crab Classic Tacos
Crab Classic Tacos (Recipe and Image from transOcean’s Website)

Crab Classic is an affordable seafood option that is also fat-free, low in calories, and a source of Omega-3s. It’s certified as heart healthy by the American Heart Association, So, when this product hits a store near you, be sure to grab out the salad bowls, casserole dishes and more to begin cooking with gluten free Crab Classic!

Recap (aka: What You Need to Know)

  • Do not buy Crab Classic unless you see the gluten free label. This product is making its way to stores right now, and should certainly be in a store near you by mid-November. Crab Classic Goes Gluten Free
  • Crab Classic is made in a 100% gluten free facility, and the gluten-filled Crab Classic is no longer being produced (as of mid-October).
  • transOcean’s Seafood Snackers and Jaiba Supremo are also being produced in the 100% gluten free facility as of mid-October. Be sure to look out for them as well!
  • To learn more, contact transOcean on their website, by phone at (800) 290-2722, or on Facebook!


I met the folk from transOcean at the Gluten and Allergen Free Expo in Springfield, MA this weekend where I was an official blogger for the event. I received free entry for blogging and tweeting about the event; however, I get to pick the products (or in this case sweet stories) that I want to tell y’all about! This one truly warmed my heart.

Day 1 at the GFAF Expo
Other Highlights of Day 1 at the GFAF Expo!

As always, Happy Cooking!

P.S: Fiesta Friday friends, I am so excited that I actually posted about the expo during the weekend, so I could share the experience with you! Don’t worry, I’ll be joining the party when the expo is over to see what y’all brought too!

13 thoughts on “A Sweet Change: transOcean’s Dedicated Gluten Free Facility

  1. Now I’ve never seen crab tacos before! How unusual but I suspect absolutely delicious! Thank you so much for joining our Fiesta Friday party this week and bringing these tacos!

    1. Thanks, Sue! Crab tacos are a unique idea, which is why I picked to feature them. (And, because a lot of my followers have celiac disease like me, it’s an easy recipe to keep gluten free.) Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you have a wonderful week! 🙂

    1. I’m so glad to hear this! They switched from the production of the gluten-filled version to the gluten free version in mid-October, but it takes a bit of time for them to sell all of the old line. Be on the lookout for the “gluten free” label; they’re hoping it will reach you in November! 🙂

    1. I absolutely agree! And, I’m glad this was a change that the company was able to make!

      (I absolutely understand that sometimes consumers requests aren’t in the company’s best interest. Hopefully, they gain more customers with this change, and I wouldn’t expect that they would lose many with the addition of pea and tapioca starch.)

      Have a great week!

  2. I do not even like imitation crab, BUT this post makes me smile, becausee the company switched for THEIR customers, now THAT is what I call customer service! PS. love your dress

    1. Exactly, Amber! I actually can’t eat tapioca, BUT I couldn’t eat the wheat either. And, this was way too cute of a story not to share! So proud of transOcean. ❤

      P.S: Thanks! I love dresses because I don’t have to coordinate a whole outfit. 🙂

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