Send Me Gluten Free Product Review & Giveaway!

Send Me Gluten Free Product Review and Giveaway

Tonight, I’m thrilled to introduce the “Birchbox” of Gluten Free products- Send Me Gluten Free! It’s brought to us by the same people that made Find Me Gluten Free and run the GFAF Expos. As a “reviewer” of this product, I received the October box in the mail for free, a November box to give away, AND a discount code just for you!

Send Me Gluten Free Product Review & Giveaway!
Products in the October SMGF Box ranged from a discount on a GF cookbook to a deodorant sample and a full size bag of chips!

The Details

Send Me Gluten Free Product Review & Giveaway!
Send Me Gluten Free Is Delivered Right to Your Door!

One of the hardest parts about starting a gluten free diet is figuring out which products you like, AND which products are safe. Send Me Gluten Free (SMGF) takes the guess work out by only including products that are certified gluten free or tested to 20 ppm. Plus, you’ll be able to try new brands without wasting your money on a full size box!

Here’s what happens, you sign up for a subscription, and each month a box of gluten free goodies is delivered to your door. Subscriptions range from $30 if purchasing month-by-month to $20/month with a 12-month subscription. And, the shipping is free, so there are no surprise costs!

The Pros

From the moment I opened the October box, I was impressed with the presentation, every product was neatly organized and I loved the bright colors. There were two full sized products, samples, coupons, and non-edible gluten free goodies (as shown above). I loved the variety because there is truly something that everyone will love in this box. I even tried out the Primal Deodorant sample!

My favore gluten free find in the October box was Kemnitz Family Kitchen’s gluten free labels. They’re so cute! A quick trip to their website revealed even more holiday options, as well as “Allergy Free” labels.

Send Me Gluten Free Product Review & Giveaway!
Kemnitz Family Kitchen- My Favorite Gluten Free Find

While my whole kitchen is GF, these are great if I’m traveling or heading to a family event, and want to label certain products.

The Cons

I love SMGF, but for those with multiple food allergies I wouldn’t recommend purchasing it right away because the products are only guaranteed to be gluten free.

Side Note: I was still in college and received SMGF as a care package, I would be thrilled. I would simply give the products that contain my allergens away.

Now, SMGF is working on a plan to offer boxes for people with other allergies and dietary requests, and I’ll let you know if I hear an update!  (Maybe try to win through my Giveaway below to decide for yourself?!)

The Wrap Up

I LOVED the variety of products in the pack, and how SMGF includes many brands that I haven’t tried in the past. (A sample pack of all big name brands wouldn’t give me the same opportunity to try something new!) The box comes with a ton of products in the pack, but I would definitely recommend purchasing a multiple month passes. I might not want to spend $30/month, but $20/month seems like a steal to me!

If that’s not enough detail, watch my Unboxing Video Below, where you’ll see EVERY product in my October SMGF box!

I hope you’re as pumped about SMGF as I am. If so, enter the giveaway below. AND, if you want to buy a subscription, you can use the code BLOG20 to earn 20% off your order!

Hope you’re having a great week!

GF Life 24/7’s Giveaway for November’s SMGF Box! 

Open Until Tuesday, October 21, 2014 at 23:59 EST.

This Giveaway Has Ended. Congratulations, Julie M. Remember you can still use the code BLOG20 to receive 20% off your order! 

Send Me Gluten Free Product Review & Giveaway!P.S: Below are the links to follow the Wanderlust Celiac on different forms of social media and find more giveaways!

9 thoughts on “Send Me Gluten Free Product Review and Giveaway

  1. AH MY GOODNESS THIS LOOKS SO FREAKIN’ COOL! I love LOVE goodie boxes, I belonged to bulu box, but they kept sending me stuff I couldn’t have/wasn’t safe for me 😦 which stunk! I totally an checking out this website, I WOULD LOVE TO WIN BECAUSE I LOVE TRYING NEW THINGS, in small amounts, since just because something is GF DF doesn’t mean it meets my irate intestines criteria 🙂

    1. THANKS! Ah, my voice! I had to debate how much background noise to remove before it sounded weird. AND, YES, IBS is a tricky one, which is why samples are the best. SMGF is working on coming out with other allergy friendly boxes (on top of GF), but at least in this round, only one or two samples contained dairy. 🙂

    1. Me too! That was one of my favorite parts about the SMGF box. I didn’t know all the brands in advance, or I had seen them on the shelf and never tried them before. The Mediterranean chips turned out to be a hit in my house!

  2. Well, I’m the classic “starving” art college student, so I can imagine how awesome this would be as a care package! I have allergies to dairy/eggs, but whatever I can’t eat would gladly be consumed by my sister! I always want to try new GF products, but unfortunately my wallet wants to pays bills instead. Somebody….send me gluten-free!

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