Why I runDisney

Magical Monday: Why I runDisney

There was a point in time where I thought I was unique. Asthma, celiac disease, and food allergies, who has that combination?! Well, I began reading Allergic Living, a magazine about “allergies, asthma, and gluten free.” So, I quickly learned that I wasn’t so special after all. Phew, I’m not alone. Next, I discovered the blogging community, where I found even more people with recipes I could eat and who had experiences just like me.

Wait… how does any of this have to do with running?!

Well, I like to run. But, for the record, I love carving up a ski slope, finding the perfect line down a set of moguls, and hiking a 14-er.  While all those activities require the specific weather and conditions, I can run wherever and whenever I want (for the most part). So, I run (at least a few times a week).

Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 5.19.41 PM
Some of my asthma medications, NEVER forget your spacer.

Now, the complications of running with asthma are well known. It took awhile to get my medications in balance and build up my stamina. However, today, I’m fairly used to my protocol for managing asthma while running. And, sometimes I still learn a few lessons the hard way, such as not running outside after there’s been a wildfire in the state next-door. Today, I always check out the ozone/pollutant count for the day on my American Lung Association app or online (because sometimes the app is iffy).

I didn’t begin to appreciate running until my celiac disease began interfering. You see, before my diagnosis, I became exceptionally weak. It makes sense, I had flattened villi and wasn’t absorbing my nutrients, how was I supposed to exercise without nutrients?! 

Why I runDisney
The Best Running Companion

My body even took it one step further. I liked to burp 300 times a day for FOUR MONTHS. (I have family members, professors, and more individuals than you could count who will back up this burping story.) It was hard to take a step without experiencing acid reflux, and trying to put any spring in that step made everything ten times worse.

The good news, once I was diagnosed with celiac disease and began eating a gluten free diet, my ability to run came back! It took awhile to build up my strength and endurance, but now I appreciate running more than any before. I run when I’m home, when I travel, to see nature, to keep my body warm, or just for fun. I even have a pretty great running companion for short trail runs.

Why runDisney?

This year will be my first time participating in an official runDisney event. I’m so excited to run in one of my favorite places surrounded by a magical surrounding! In Disney, my goofy side truly gets a chance to shine. And, I love it!

Why I runDisney
After the unofficial runDisney 5K in Castaway Cay!

Those of you who follow my blog know that I’m very pro-active when it comes to dining out. So far, I’ve been fortunate to only have positive dining experiences at Disney World as they manage my food allergies and celiac disease. Therefore, I thought a Disney race would be the perfect way to fundraise for the Celiac Disease Foundation.

This November, I’ll be running the Disney Coast-to-Coast Marathon Challenge as a member of Team Gluten Free to benefit the Celiac Disease Foundation. 

Why I runDisney
My Coast-to-Coast Marathon Fundraising Page (Image Courtesy of Celiac.Org)

For my challenge, I’ll be running the Wine and Dine half in Disney World, followed by the Avengers Superheroes half in Disneyland. I’m currently over half way to my personal fundraising goal, and would appreciate any donation or share of my fundraising page! The Celiac Disease Foundation does so much for the celiac community from advocacy to supporting research. I especially love the Halloween Candy List that came out with last week.

Feel free to check out my fundraising page for more information about my challenge! I cannot wait to share this experience with y’all! Have you ever participated in a runDisney event? Do you run with asthma, or another condition? I’d love to hear from you!

Hope y’all have a magical week!

P.S: Want to learn more about dining in Disney World or aboard the Disney Cruise with celiac disease and food allergies?! Check out my Magical Monday Series!

6 thoughts on “Magical Monday: Why I runDisney

  1. Kaila! I think it’s incredible what you’re doing, and your reason for running, it’s kind of like your way of telling your body I’M IN CONTROL! I took up a love for running after my first 5k, but a herniated disc shortly after dwindled my capacity to do so, I admire those who run long distances, TWO HALF MARATHONS?! I think that is amazing, and something my body simply couldn’t do (too many other joint/muscle issues).

    1. Awh, thanks Amber! I was actually thinking of your blog when I wrote this post. A herniated disc sounds like no fun at all! One of the main reasons I’m good about consistently walking, jogging, and running is because they help my joint problems, so you never know what will happen down the road. 🙂

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