Gluten & Allergen Free Springfield Expo Giveaway!

Hi, Everyone!

I just returned from the Food Allergy Bloggers Conference in Vegas, which was an amazing and inspirational weekend. If you follow me on Facebook, Twitter, or Youtube, you would know that too.

Jerome Bettis (aka:
Jerome Bettis (aka: “The Bus”) spoke about his shellfish allergy and Auvi-Q.

We’ll talk about the conference later, but right now I’m excited to share my next big adventure- GFAF Expo in Springfield MA on Saturday and Sunday, October 25 & 26! 

GF Life 24/7's GFAF Springfield GiveawayAs an official blogger for the event, I receive a free ticket AND four tickets to giveaway! (Scroll down to the bottom to enter.) If you have celiac disease, food allergies, are a custom eater, or love someone with one of these qualities, then this is the event for you! While I’ve never been, this video featuring a few of my blogging friends will tell you all about the GFAF Expo.

Now that you want to come, let’s talk about Springfield’s GFAF! There will be classes and tons of vendors. The class I’m looking forward to the most is “So Many Flours, So Little Time” with Chef Rob on Sunday. Chef Rob attended culinary school before finding out that his wife has celiac disease, and has published three gluten free cookbooks to date.

The Springfield Expo is the closest GFAF Expo offered for all of New England. You won’t want to miss this opportunity for samples, coupons, to meet new vendors, talk to your favorite vendors, and interact with the amazing gluten free and allergy friendly community.  You can learn more about this event on the GFAF Expo website too.

GF Life 24/7's GFAF Springfield GiveawayAnd, now for my FIRST GIVEAWAY. Here’s the breakdown.

  • I’m receiving these tickets from the GFAF Expo in Springfield because I’m an official blogger for the event.
  • I’ll draw two tickets on Tuesday, 10/7 at 11:59 PM and two tickets on Tuesday, 10/14 at 11:59 PM. All unselected entries will roll over to the second drawing.
  • You may enter one time per day.
  • The winner will be chosen at random, and be notified via email within 24 hours!

I hope you’re as pumped as me! Have a wonderful week, and be sure to enter below!!

GF Life 24/7’s Giveaway for a Ticket to the Springfield GFAF Expo (10/25-26/2014)

This Giveaway is now closed. Congratulations Donna T., Katie K., Kara O., and Susan R.

6 thoughts on “Gluten & Allergen Free Springfield Expo Giveaway!

  1. okay, THIS IS INCREDIBLE FOR YOU,and I am totes jealous of all your travels, especially for expos! ❤ wishing you the best! no idea how you got to be an official blogger, bUT SO FREAKIN' COOL!

    1. THANKS, AMBER!! It’s actually super easy to become an official blogger (if you’re already a blogger), AND this event is in my home state (until I move again in November)! I’m really excited because this will be my FIRST OFFICIAL EXPO! I’ve been to the New England Celiac Conference and the Food Allergy Bloggers Conference, which both had a ton of vendors, but focused mainly on the presentations. (They were amazing too!) However, I anticipate that this event to have more kids, families, total number of vendors, etc.

      Next year’s locations are Dallas (Nov 2014 & 2015), Phoenix (Jan 2015), Atlanta (April 2015), Chicago (May 2015), and Secaucus (October 2015). I don’t think I’ll be near any of them, but if you are, I’ll let you know how to become an official blogger too!

      1. SIGH, there are NEVER any cool/fun/awesome things like this CLOSE to me what so ever….I think the closest would be Secaucus, NJ and that’s STILL 8 hours away….

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