Castaway Cay Magical Monday

Magical Mondays: Castaway Cay!

One of the best parts about a Disney Cruise is being able to dine safely AND leave the country. I’ll write again to tell y’all about Jamaica, Grand Cayman, and Cozumel. But, we’ll start with the easiest port adventure- Disney’s Private Island: Castaway Cay in the Bahamas!Castaway Cay Magical Monday

Every night at dinner aboard your cruise, you’ll pre-order your meals for the next day in advance (breakfast, lunch, dinner, etc.). While usually you can only pre-order meals to eat aboard the ship, you can do the exact same thing for lunch at Castaway Cay! (Since the BBQ on the island is a buffet, this is a really good thing!)

You’ll be assigned a BBQ to pick up your prepared meal. The headwaiter or person running the BBQ will have a huge list of all the special order meals that has been prepared (with a designation if it was for an allergy). He’ll grab your food from the back, and review it with you.

Castaway Cay Magical Monday
My Meal: BBQ Ribs & Garden Salad

I’ve seen past blogs talk about getting gluten free french fries too! Unfortunately, I couldn’t eat those due to my dietary restraints. (I never specifically asked why though). However, my garden salad was delicious a delicious option!

Castaway Cay Magical Monday
Garden Salad with Balsamic

Another side available to most of you is Lay’s potato chips! (I happen to be allergic to these as well, but they’re gluten and dairy free.) While they are out for everyone, they come in individual bags, so anyone could grab one. Castaway Cay Magical Monday

Now, for my favorite part of the island! FRUIT!!! When I asked for fruit with my meal, my headwaiter (Alberto) replied that there was plenty of whole fruit aboard the island. And, it’s true! Disney separates its whole fruit from its cut up fruit, so it’s easy to see the options available to you.

Castaway Cay Magical Monday
Whole fruit is the best way to avoid cross-contact with allergens, especially on a buffet!

Castaway Cay Magical MondayWhile the food might not be as gourmet as Palo, it’s great that Disney has a way for the allergy friendly folks to eat off the ship! And, now for a bit of fun!

There is so much to do on Castaway Cay! I started my morning off with the 5k run with over 200 other cruisers. It’s a fun challenge due to the heat. (August in the Caribbean is HOT!) And, it was honestly where I met the most people my age (20s) aboard the whole cruise. You’ll disembark first thing in the morning and head over to the course. On my way back down the course, I was able to high-five people going in the opposite direction, which was certainly in the Disney spirit.

While the run is never timed, there is an official race clock that happened to be down our day! I didn’t mind because the race is just for fun. However, as I neared the end of the course, there was a man telling us our place. From talking to other participants, I think he stopped when his wife came down the course (around 25th place).

Castaway Cay Magical Monday
5k Medal and Mickey! (P.S: The character lines on the island were the shortest of our entire trip. It was also the last day!)

Castaway Cay Magical MondayNow, have no fear! If you don’t want to run, you can get off the boat just as early and grab your favorite beach chair. Then, my mom and sister hopped onto the slide before there was a line! There is both a fast and a slow slide in Castaway Cay. Best of all, they land in the ocean. Be sure to cover your nose on the fast slide because the ending is quite abrupt!

There’s plenty more to do during the day as well! You can book adventures, such as swimming with stingrays or parasailing. For those who want to take an easy beach day (like us), there were tube and snorkel rentals as well. If you snorkel long enough, you should find a Mickey statue underwater! Unfortunately, after 45-minutes of looking, we found out that he was “on vacation” our day on the island. Castaway Cay Magical Monday

Now, Castaway Cay will be your only true beach day. So, if you’re 18 and over, you can head over to the adult section for a truly relaxing experience. While we didn’t head over there (minus on the 5k loop), we could see the bar from a distance away.

Castaway Cay Magical Monday

That’s about it from here! Have a Magical Monday Everyone!!

Magical Mondays

P.S: For more Magical Monday posts about my Disney adventures, check out my Gluten Free in Disney page. And, for more information on Disney Cruise, check out my last two posts in the series: Dining at Palo Aboard the Fantasy and A Magical Monday Full of New Adventures!

P.P.S: This dining experience occurred late August of 2014.

9 thoughts on “Magical Mondays: Castaway Cay!

  1. You did a 5k on vacay? Impressive. 🙂 The island sounds / looks nice too. Seeing as I lack your (or any) kind of energy you could find me under one of those palm trees. I’d wave as you ran by though. 🙂

    1. Haha yeah, I saw it in the Personal Navigator (the list of activities for the day), and decided to run! I actually convinced two of the three people that shared our dinner table to run it too. And, in the end there were a ton of us (200+).

      I did spend the rest of the day under a palm tree, floating in the ocean, or snorkeling. (In fact, my mom and sister got there early, so our spot had a palm tree AND an umbrella.) I’d appreciate the wave as I came by, perfect to boost my momentum. 🙂

      P.S: Running on the ship’s track was much nicer (temperature wise) because it’s a track and at the two ends the hallway is super cold! So your body doesn’t feel hot for too long.

  2. AH how fun a Mickey 5K! And I’m like you, I’d want to know my time, for fun or not, just cause I’m anal like that! Buffets and Celiac/Food Issues are not friends! BUT like you said, wrapped/whole fruit is a safe bet 🙂 Again, you give me hope for vacationing 🙂

    1. Right?! It’s an unofficial RunDisney race. And, it was really nice to have the opportunity to run in the tropical heat and humidity. I must admit, the whole fruit section was the perfect refuel after the run!

      And, while we couldn’t eat at the buffet, the prepared meals were delicious too. I saw a wide range of special orders since they were coming from off the ship. Then again, we all have different food allergies. I met one kid, who I’m pretty sure was allergic to everything that I’m not, so our meals were always the complete opposite of each other.

      You’re going to do an awesome job traveling! Just don’t eat anything that makes you feel the slightest bit weary, ask a ton of questions, and pack some delicious snacks!

      P.S: Tomorrow’s post is about an unexpected find in Texas, and then it’s off to one of my favorite recipes in awhile on Friday!

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