A Lighter Bacon Lettuce Wrap (GF, DF, EF)

Do you like bacon? And, do you need an appetizer idea? Or maybe fifty? That’s exactly what’s contained in this insert from the Food Network Magazine. Bacon Lettuce Wraps (GF, DF, EF)

Now, of course, all the recipes are not celiac friendly. Surely, a ton of them contain my other allergens too. However, some of them are just right! As for the rest of them, when you cook at home, you can make all the modifications your heart desires. 🙂

I decided to start off with #40, a bacon lettuce wrap. Technically, I didn’t need to modify anything! After the first go-round, it turned out that leaving the bacon “drippings in the pan” was far to heavy for my belly. So, I lightened up the recipe a bit, but kept the general flavors in tact. Bacon Lettuce Wraps (GF, EF, DF)

This is by far one of my favorite recipes to date. It’s quick to make (even for me!), and I love the flavor combination. I can’t wait to try it out with a couple other sauces when I get the chance as well.

Lastly, for my Fiesta Friday friends over at Angie’s blog, this recipe makes a TON of appetizers. Or, y’all could just start making your way through the 50 bacon ideas too. Then, we’ll have enough food for awhile. 🙂

Without further ado, on to the recipe!!

Bacon Lettuce Wraps Recipe

Allergens: Beware of sauce choice (mine contained soy). Contains water chestnuts, which are not technically a tree nut.


  • 8 Bacon Slices
  • Shiitakee Mushroom Caps (8 oz. chopped)
  • Water Chestnuts (1 cup chopped)
  • A Carrot
  • GF Orange Sauce (Any thicker sauce along the same flavor line will work)
  • Boston Lettuce


  1. Chop 8 bacon slices. Cook the bacon to the desire level of crispness. Remove from the pan and pat dry. Bacon Lettuce Wrap (GF, DF, EF)
  2. While the baking is cooking, chop 8 oz. of shiitake mushroom caps, ½ cup of carrots, and 1 cup of water chestnuts. Bacon Lettuce Wrap (GF, DF, EF)
  3. You have a choice! You may leave 1 tbsp. of grease OR start a new pan with just a dash of olive oil. Cook the shiitake mushrooms for 2 minutes. Bacon Lettuce Wrap (GF, DF, EF)
  4. Add in the water chestnuts and carrots. Cook for another 5 minutes. Bacon Lettuce Wrap (GF, DF, EF)
  5. Add in a ¼ cup of sauce and the crispy bacon.Bacon Lettuce Wrap (GF, DF, EF)
  6. Mix until the sauce is warm, and then remove from the burner. Bacon Lettuce Wrap (GF, DF, EF)
  7. Scoop into Boston lettuce leaves. Use large leaves for an entrée and small leaves for an appetizer. Serve warm and enjoy! Bacon Lettuce Wraps (GF, DF, EF)

Tips and Tricks

  • If you keep the grease in the pan, you’ll need to use more sauce or a thicker sauce, such as a GF hoisin sauce.
  • To my vegetarian/vegan friends, I love the bacon in this dish, but the sauce, water chestnuts, and vegetables combination is delicious as well. Maybe try it without the bacon? Or tofu? (I’m not good at meat substitutes).

Have a wonderful weekend!

P.S: You can find the pamphlet online too, but it’s still cuter in print. Check it out (and the original recipe) on the Food Network’s website!

39 thoughts on “A Lighter Bacon Lettuce Wrap (GF, DF, EF)

    1. Thanks! My mom saved the pamphlet because I’m always looking for appetizers, and then I jumped up and down when I saw it because I just love bacon! Happy FF to you too. 😀

  1. I’m sooooo thankful that, of all our allergies, we can still have bacon! It makes the world seem alright, even when we’re missing old staples… I can’t wait to try an allergy friendly version of these wraps for myself! Maybe they’ll be next week’s lunch!

    1. Right?! I actually took a picture of the packaging. I can eat most bacons, except for the flavorings. BUT, I happened to get this batch at Wegmans, and it has the GF logo on it and everything. I guess the picture didn’t make the cut. Let me know if you try it out (and what sauce you use)! 🙂

  2. These look tasty, Kaila! Bacon makes everything tastes good, but as a main ingredient in a dish, I bet it is outstanding. Lighter lettuce wraps are a great idea for summer!

  3. Hi Kaila – I LOVE the sound of these lettuce wraps – I guess turkey bacon could be subbed for those who don’t eat pork and maybe some tofu for the vegetarians…These are just perfect for the revellers at Fiesta Friday today – no carbs as we pose around the pool!! Happy Fiesta Friday!

    1. Thanks, Selma! And, I love your suggestions for substitutions. Can’t wait to pose around the pool, and maybe even jump in! Have a wonderful weekend. 🙂

  4. Kaila, these wraps sound and look delicious. If was being naughty, I might even put some more meat in there…thanks for posting, this is really good idea!

  5. YUM ! Ever been t PF Changs? This makes me think of their lettuce wraps, except they use chicken, not sure if I’d want to eat bacon as my main meat, but as an app this would be tasty! Boston Lettuce? That’s a thing? It must have an accent 😛

    1. Exactly, it’s actually the same as bibb lettuce, butter lettuce, etc. BUT with the best accent. 🙂

      And, it’s their signature dish! (Not my version of course). I used to be a PF-Changs-aholic, but they recently changed the menu, so I need to eat off the menu meal in the back. :p

      Chicken would be delicious too! I definitely ate bacon as my main meat at lunch the other day, but I served it to my mom as an app! (She’s one of my gluten-eating test tasters).

    1. Yes! I’m not a big water chestnut fan, and they might be my favorite part of the dish! Rice sounds like a lovely addition. I might just have to try that out myself. 🙂

  6. Hi, Kaila. Sorry to be just coming over to you. I was so full with all the foods – can’t move. 😀

    The lettuce wraps sound great to me – I think I could sub these with non-pork bacon. 😉

    I hope you are having a good time and have a lovely weekend!

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