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Magical Monday: Snacking Around Disney

My First Snack

Magical Mondays
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Usually I love red-eye flights. I’m not the fondest of airplanes, so being able to sleep through the entire flight is just my cup of tea. But on my trip to Disney World in June, I had a connection part way through my red eye, which made for a much less peaceful ride than I anticipated.

Once my disoriented body made it off the plane and down to the magical express, I hopped aboard a bus with twenty teenagers who woke me up rather quickly. By the time we pulled into the Polynesian my body was beginning to shake off the tired feeling and I was excited to spend a full day in the parks with my mom and sister who had beat me to Disney by a day. But, what really woke me up was the site I saw once I entered my room.

Snacking in Disney
Best Breakfast Selection

During their day in the park without me, my mom and sister hunted down all the GF and Kaila-allergy friendly foods they could find throughout EPCOT. The Fruit Me Ups came from France, the Enjoy Life Crunch Bar came from Seasons, and the bananas came from our hotel. After eating a banana and an applesauce, I grabbed a bag of Fruit Me Up gummies for my bag and headed into the parks to enjoy the day with my family.

Snacking Around Disney

My Favorite Place: Animal Kingdom

For those of you who read about my Babycakes NYC adventure, it will come as no shock that Babycakes NYC is my favorite dessert to find in the parks. The chocolate covered doughnuts in the Animal Kingdom were my favorite find of the trip.

Babycakes NYC
Babycakes NYC’s Doughnuts at Animal Kingdom’s Allergy Friendly Stand

BUT, the Allergy Friendly stand in the Animal Kingdom has much more than doughnuts! They offer a wide array of snack options. You’re most likely bound to find at least one snack for the celiac or allergy filled person in your party. They even sell banana and oranges. (Although, fresh fruit is easy to find throughout the Animal Kingdom park). Take a look at their stand!

Snacking in Disney
Allergy Dining Stand
Snacking in Disney
A Wide Array of Snacks
Snacking in Disney
Kaila-Friendly Options

Phew! So you can already see why the Animal Kingdom Allergy Friendly Stand is so cool. BUT, there’s one last piece that makes this stand my favorite snack destination- The GF Brochure! The stand has a list of the different meals that can be made GF in the Animal Kingdom. It’ll also tell you if that menu item contains any of the other Big 8 allergens. Of course, you should still speak to the chef/manager when you arrive at a restaurant. 🙂

Snacking Tips and Tricks

Your bound to find allergy friendly food throughout the parks, but you may also want to bring your own snacks with you to the park. I always carry Clif Kid ZFruit Ropes when I’m traveling as a quick pick me up. They’re perfect for the airplane and when I don’t want to go looking for additional food options in the parks.

Also, if you contact Disney dining in advance, they’ll send you an updated list of the gluten free options in the park just a couple of weeks before your trip!

Wishing you a magical Monday on this beautiful summer day! BabyCakes NYC in Disney

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