Magical Mondays: Sanaa

Magical Monday: Unique Environment of Sanaa

UPDATE: Check out my updated post on Sanaa as of June 8, 2015!

Sanaa, located at the Animal Kingdom Lodge, attracts customers with both its unique atmosphere and food. The restaurant focuses on preparing food in an African style with the flavors of India. More impressively, one wall of the restaurant is glass windows, which allows you to watch at the animals walking by. Quick Tip: Be sure to ask for a seat by the window to watch the animals! Sanaa is great with celiac disease and food allergies. Unlike many other restaurants in Disney, they actually have a special menu for each of the big allergens (and a gluten free one as well). While you’ll still talk to the chef, you have some idea of what’s plausible before she even comes over to the table. In my case, it was a bit overwhelming, since there were three menus (milk, egg, and gluten). Magical Mondays: Sanaa It turned out that the hardest food for me to avoid on the menu is cinnamon. It’s in everything! Fortunately, the chef had me tell her what I wanted, and we went from there. I ended up ordering red meat (a steak) and the side of vegetables from another dish. Plus, since it was specially prepared I could pick my vegetables! Magical Mondays: SanaaWhile the steak was a little fatty for me, but had plenty of tender red meat once I cut around the fat. The vegetables were flavored beautifully. Additionally, the chef also recommended a side dish of potatoes to complete my meal. Magical Mondays: SanaaI absolutely love Sanaa. The food is delicious, and if you have someone in your party without celiac disease, my mom and sister love the bread service. (Be sure to get the traditional Naan). I also feel  completely safe eating at Sanaa with food allergies and celiac disease. However, there are a few other things to keep in mind. Sanaa is located at the Animal Kingdom lodge, which is a bus ride away from the Animal Kingdom. You’ll need to leave yourself plenty of time to get over to the Lodge (45 min during busy season). Don’t book a reservation at Sanaa if you have limited time in Disney World because not only will it take you awhile to get there, but the service wasn’t very fast when we were there either. On the plus side, when you’re leaving Sanaa the monitor outside the Animal Kingdom Lodge tells you when the next bus is coming! Pretty cool in my book! Magical Mondays: Sanaa Have you ever dined at Sanaa?! What’s your favorite restaurant in Disney World for food allergies and/or celiac disease?

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