We Interrupt This (Belated) Magical Monday to See Tim McGraw

Collaborative Effort with Erica, Justin, and (of course) Tim.
Collaborative Effort with Erica, Justin, and (of course) Tim.

I’m going to have celiac disease for the rest of my life. (That’s just how autoimmune diseases work, and I’m alright with it). I’m working on ensuring that celiac disease is NEVER an excuse to miss out on an awesome opportunity. This week, it was Cheyenne Frontier Days.

In Denver $80 gets you a nosebleed seat to the Cassadee Pope, Kip Moore, and Tim McGraw concert. But, just a 2+ hour drive away in Cheyenne, you’ll be chilling between the first and third row with your fast pass to the Party Zone. Want proof? Check out this video of bits of Tim’s performance.

If you like country music, you’re bound to know that the moment I touched Tim McGraw’s hand made the $80 more than worth the trip. There was even a group effort among a group of us to get a Tim McGraw selfie during the concert.

One Problem: How do you survive a 15-hour day at a rodeo without gluten free food options? I’m pretty sure the security guard had never heard of gluten when I began talking to him.

The Cheyenne Frontier Days website states,

No outside food and beverages are allowed on the park. Small soft sided coolers no larger than 14″ x 14″ x 14″ are allowed for need-based cases. These include, but are not limited to, Baby formula, Medicine and other immediate needs.

Well, food is my medicine, so I wasn’t too worried. I took a soft sided cooler filled it with homemade pasta salad, apple sauce, and fruit. Placed the cooler in a shoulder bag smaller than 14″ x 14″ x 14″, and added some Clif ZFruit Ropes to the mix! It worked out well, although I probably should have dropped my bag off in the car BEFORE the concert since it was definitely bulky in the party zone. IMG_2135

While Frontier Days was pretty lenient about bringing your own food, some events can be more difficult. Therefore, any time you want to attend a major event where food is not typically allowed:

  1. Plan ahead, and check out the website/policy for any exceptions.
  2. Contact the correct authorities. (You need permission for NFL games).
  3. Arrive with plenty of time incase your food gets searched/holds you up. (Carrying a medical note can speed up the process. I usually wear my medical ID bracelet).
  4. Have a blast!

That’s all from here! I’ve been through Nebraska and South Dakota the last two days. The main attraction: Modeling with cornfields and hay bails.

P.S: While I’ll still be traveling across the country, there is an AWESOME guest post coming your way tomorrow. Get pumped! 

6 thoughts on “We Interrupt This (Belated) Magical Monday to See Tim McGraw

    1. Thanks, Aunt Peg! I’m almost back in Boston. And, the good news, I have to drive all the way back to Colorado at some point in November again too. 🙂

  1. I was going to say the same thing as Peg. This is definitely going to be a summer for you to remember, Kaila. I’m super impressed with the way you are able to do everything gluten-free. 🙂

    1. Thanks! Definitely! I’m really glad that I was able to take the time to road trip back and forth, rather than do the drive in two days. I still have to get back out to Colorado for work in November, but I think that might be a shorter trip. 🙂

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