Keeping Up to Date with Disney’s Dedicated Fryers

Dedicated Fryers in Disney World!
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If you have celiac disease or severe food allergies, dedicated fryers might be the coolest thing on the planet. Or, in Disney terms, “magical.”

Dedicated fryers are becoming more popular in restaurants around the country, and Disney World is no exception.

A few years back, there were limited dedicated fryers around the parks. However, if you asked many places would offer to make baked fries if you waited. Today, A TON of dining establishments in the parks have a dedicated fryer, but what exactly is a “dedicated fryer?”

At Disney, each restaurant places different foods in its dedicated fryer to accommodate their menu and as many guests as possible. This means you’ll have to ask the chef/manager at EACH dining establishment. But, that’s the key to dining at Disney with food allergies anyway!

Now, while I was in the parks in June, I ran into 3 dedicated fryers. Each one was different, but none contained gluten products! Here were my experiences, but be sure to ask a chef/manager before you eat at one of these restaurants. 🙂

Backlot Express in Hollywood Studios

Dedicated Fryers in Disney World!

Backlot Express may not be your first choice from it’s outside decor, but it’s one of our favorite quick service spots. They make the chips for the Southwest Chicken Salad in a dedicated fryer. There are no gluten-containing products that go into this fryer!

As always, I asked for the manager when I got in line. We went through all my allergies and found a meal to suit my needs, Southwestern Chicken Salad. They contain fried corn chips too!

Dedicated Fryers in Disney World!
Note the green placemat is for allergy food!

When I spoke to the manager, we went through every product that goes into this fryer. One of the products contained an herb mixture. While it didn’t list rosemary (one of my allergens), we couldn’t confirm there was no rosemary in the mixture.

He ensured me that the herb product wasn’t in the fryer at the same time as my chips. While I felt comfortable, he was still concerned, and served the chips in a separate bowl, just in case I changed my mind after ordering.

As of June 2014 there was no gluten, milk, or egg products in this fryer as well.

Price: $ (14.99 and under per adult)

Dedicated Fryers in WDW
Southwestern Salad with Hamburger because the chef said it was tastier! 🙂

Electric Umbrella in EPCOT

We always go to the quick service spot in America when in EPCOT. Unfortunately, the kitchen was broken our day in EPCOT. I know, I was shocked too! When I explained all my allergies, they sent me over to the Electric Umbrella. (Many of the restaurants in EPCOT are not run by Disney, and can be difficult for quick service).

The dedicated fryer was different than any of the other ones, it only contained french fries! The only products going in this fryer are potatoes, the oil, etc. This allows the Electric Umbrella to give french fries to those with a variety of allergies. (Certainly no gluten, milk, or eggs in this fryer).

Dedicated Fryers in WDW
They have GF buns here too! (They happen to contain tapioca flour- one of my allergies.)

Now, I LOVE french fries, but I’ve been eating baked ones since my celiac diagnosis. And, I must admit, I have passed up the opportunity at a dedicated fryer in the past. However, this was my opportunity to have a traditional American quick meal, hamburger and fries. It was the best!

Price: $ (14.99 and under per adult)

Kona Cafe at the Polynesian Resort (off the monorail)

We stopped at Kona Cafe for our final breakfast, and I must admit, that I am difficult to feed for breakfast. Due to my tapioca allergy, I also can’t eat the GF Mickey waffles or pancakes. And, without eggs, many items chefs jump to are quickly eliminated. I had an amazing fruit platter though with a side of bacon and home fries.

Dedicated Fryers at WDW

Now the home fries were made in a dedicated fryer, but this one was VERY different than the last two. While the fryer contains no gluten ingredients for breakfast and lunch, it does at dinner time. That’s most certainly a red flag. However, after talking with the chef about the sanitation process of the fryer, I felt comfortable eating the home fries out of the fryer.

Dedicated Fryers at WDW

He explained how the fryer was sanitized between dinner and breakfast. Clearly, fresh oil was used at each seating. Our conversation was at least five minutes long, so feel free to ask all the questions you want. I have a fairly sensitive gluten radar, and I was perfectly fine. Plus, very glad that I got to enjoy some home fries and Ketchup on my last day!

Price: $-$$$

Well, that’s about it for dedicated fryers! As always be sure to talk to a manger/chef before placing your order. And, be sure to check out some of these fryers to make your trip just a bit more magical. 🙂

Hope you had a Magical Monday! 

Dedicated Fryers at WDW
Don’t forget Disney has AMAZING shows and attractions too!

P.S: This post is a little later in the day because I was watching the World Cup with my family from Germany. Turned out to be an exciting night! 🇩🇪

3 thoughts on “Keeping Up to Date with Disney’s Dedicated Fryers

  1. Wah, why can’t I just go to Disney, FOR THE FOOD. Forget Mickey and Minnie and CInderella’s Caste, my magical wish come true is to dine fear free 🙂

  2. Technically, you don’t need a theme park ticket to participate in RunDisney races, and you’d see the inside of the park! Then, you could eat at all the resort restaurants that aren’t in the park, like Chef Mickey’s. But, Goofy, Splash Mountain, and all that good stuff is IN THE PARK. 🙂

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