Clif Kid ZFruit- A Celiac Win!

Screen Shot 2014-06-17 at 1.36.32 PMI have a new go-to snack. Yes, it was designed for KIDS! Although, I must admit, my friends and I think that pulling apart our own fruit rope is pretty cool too. So, let’s meet the Clif Kid ZFruit Rope (& ZFruit + Veggie Rope).

I first ran into these products when I was heading out on my road trip. They’re perfect when you’re on the go because they’re individually wrapped and small! They can fit into a purse, lunchbox, pocket, etc. Since then, I’ve brought them on hikes and other outings. They’re always a crowd pleaser.

The fruit rope comes in a variety of flavors: fruit punch, grape, mixed berry, sour apple, strawberry, and tropical twist. My favorite so far is the strawberry, although I haven’t tried all the flavors yet! Clif Kid’s advertises them as “a tangy twisted fruit rope that is perfect for a snack or in the lunch box… so kids and keep zipping and zooming along.” And, they fulfill that description perfectly.

But, my favorite product is the ZFruit and Veggie rope because you can rip them apart into strands! There’s only three flavors out so far of this product: blueberry blast, cherry cherry, and mango mania. Mango mania is by far my favorite, but with all three flavors, you won’t taste the veggies (currently sweet potato), which can sometimes be an issue with kids!

Here’s the key part, we know it’s labelled “gluten free,” but I don’t feel safe eating processed foods until I know what protocols are in place. I hopped on the Clif Website, and found an amazing allergy matrix!

Allergen Matrix (6/17/14) Courtesy of Clif  Always Read Labels for Updated Ingredients
Allergen Matrix (6/17/14)
Courtesy of Clif Bar & Company
Always Read Packaging for Updated Ingredients!

BUT, the website doesn’t feature any information on their gluten free protocols. So, I sent them an email. Seriously, never be afraid to contact a company about their protocols, it’s key to making sure companies that make a gluten free claim are safe for the celiac community. They replied promptly and with great detail! Check it out!

“The processes [Clif Bar and Company] uses to make the gluten free claim are as follows:

  • First, we ensure our ingredients are gluten free from our ingredient suppliers.
  • Second, we make sure the facility has good manufacturing processes and are capable of validating a gluten free claim and
  • Third, we test the finished product to make sure our products, are indeed, gluten free before reaching consumers.”

Those are exactly the steps, I want a company to go through that is making a gluten free claim, even with the new labeling laws coming up. Now, it was still a little to vague for me, so I asked a follow up question about testing to which they replied.

“We have a stringent target of 5 ppm, which is a more stringent limit than the U.S. Food and Drug Administration guidance.”

Courtesy of
Courtesy of

I WAS OVER THE MOON! I was expecting to hear “less than 20 ppm,” but it turns out that Clif Bar & Company rocks! I definitely recommend checking these out for any celiac kid, teen, or if you just want something quick bite to keep in your purse. They are sure to be a quick, nutritious staple snack food in your home! 

What are your favorite go-to snack products? Have you ever tried a gluten free Clif product?! What questions do you ask when you contact companies about their gluten free protocols?

PS: Happy National Eat Your Veggies Day! Be sure to celebrate with some tasty veggies on your plate tonight. 🙂

Additional Notes:

  • All information is current as of June 17, 2014. Want me to follow up, leave a message in the comments!
  • Please note that Clif’s Kid Zfruit Bars AND Zfruit + Veggie bars are gluten free. Clif Kid’s Zbar or the Protein Zbars are not gluten free (nor do they claim to be). Clif Bar and Company does a great job labeling their products, so there shouldn’t be any confusion.
  • Clif Bar and Company did not sponsor this post in any fashion. I just think they are awesome!

9 thoughts on “Clif Kid ZFruit- A Celiac Win!

    1. Thanks! I check all my food products, but I thought this one was worthwhile to post because Clif Bar is a big company and they don’t include the information on their website. I hope they make more flavors of the ZFruit and Veggie rope! 🙂

  1. Oh, I want to try the Mango Mania veggie rope! How many servings of veggies are in a rope? My go to snacks that I keep on hand/in my purse/bring with me are: Lara ALT Bars, NuGo Nutrition Bars, or legit grilled chicken or green beans in a bag 🙂

    1. I’m not sure! Clif Bar & Company is really good about targeting their products for different age groups. You can even look up what percentage of nutrients they meet for different ages (since kids need different amount of vitamins, etc. than adults), so like calcium, iron, etc. Their GF products for adults include Clif Mojo bars, Kit’s Organic Bars, and Luna Protein bars, but I haven’t looked into those since you can’t rip them apart!

      I started smiling when I read that you put grilled chicken or green beans in a bag. I’m a baby carrots fan myself! 🙂

      1. Luna Protein Bars are GF? Since when?! They’re not labeled! Not that I knew of at least…the kind coated in chocolate? They’re deff not Dairy free, or am I misinformed! Those were so good when I could eat them!

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