The Gluten Free Road Trip Takes Off!

Y’all, I am so excited! Today, I’m heading out on a road trip with one of my friends (who is not GF).  It’s my first road trip since my celiac diagnosis!! We’ll be blogging throughout the week to let you know about our road trip happenings and GF finds of course. You can also follow us LIVE on Twitter @WanderlustGF. 🙂

I made a short video (my first one!) to let you know about the trip, my preparations, and  a GF recipe! (Sorry in advance for talking really fast).  Sneak PeakIt includes the simple & allergy friendly Chocolate Crunch dessert that I posted awhile back.

Did you watch it?! If not, I made a little cheat sheet, so you can skip to the parts of the video that YOU want to watch.

  • 00:13- Road Map Animation of Our Route
  • 00:47- Unpacking!
  • 1:45- Packing (The Cooler Fiasco)
  • 2:50- How to Make Chocolate Crunch (Really Simple)
  • 7:30- How to Follow: @WanderlustGFYouTube
  • 7:45- On the Road!

Let me know what you think about the video, our trip, etc. If you live somewhere along our route (Philadelphia, Lexington, Nashville, Little Rock, OKC, or anywhere in between), we’d love to hear your gluten free suggestions! And, any tips, tricks, stops, or music suggestions for our ride. 🙂

While I won’t be cooking this week, I’m wishing you the best of luck in the kitchen!

P.S: You can also view my channel and subscribe to receive future video updates on YouTube.

8 thoughts on “The Gluten Free Road Trip Takes Off!

  1. This is great! I did watch the entire video! I will be taking a gluten free dairy free road trip across the country in just a few weeks so your post is perfect timing for me! Good luck and safe travels! Have fun!

    1. Thanks! I’m glad you found it helpful. I’ll try to focus on some of my allergy journeys throughout the posts too! (We’re aiming for every other day if you want to check back 🙂 ). Fortunately, my celiac adventures frequently (vaguely) include allergy tips too. I hope you have an awesome road trip as well! Are you traveling east to west or west to east?

  2. It was very helpful! I want to purchase that same thermo-cooler that you displayed so I’m glad for the tutorial. I plan on blogging about gluten free/dairy free food places in each state I go through…grocery stores, restaurants, etc…
    I will traveling west to east, pretty much straight through middle America, Oregon to North Carolina where my son lives. My daughter lives in Boston, where you are starting from!
    I will definitely check back often to follow along on your journey!

    1. Awesome! I’ll post about it, but the cooler did really well today. You need to cool it the night before and plug it into your car. The directions say it can go 4 hours unplugged which we’ll probably get close to in a couple of days!

      That sounds like so much fun! I can’t wait to hear about your list of places. Maybe when I travel back, I’ll be in some of those states 🙂

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