My Gluten Free Easter (Take 2)

IMG_8051Easter, St. Patrick’s Day…  you certainly can’t go wrong with this light green butter cream frosting!

My mom first learned about this recipe in a cake decorating class, and it’s been a family classic ever since.  It has some awesome features too.  First off, it’s much more affordable than buying a tub of frosting in a store.  You can also keep it for up to two weeks by storing it in an airtight container in your refrigerator! Just remember to rewhip the frosting each time you use it. So, let’s check out the recipe!

Buttercream Frosting

Allergies: Celiac friendly. Contains soy.


  • ½ cup of Earth Balance Shortening
  • ½ cup of Earth Balance Vegany Butter Stick
  • 1 tsp. Vanilla
  • 4 cups of Confectioners Sugar (should be sifted if pipetting)
  • 2 Tbsp. Almond Milk (or hemp or coconut or ___ milk that meets your allergy needs)
  • 5 drops of Green Food Coloring


  1. Cream the Earth Balance shortening and vegany butter in a mixer.
  2. Add vanilla and mix.
  3. Gradually add the sugar, beating well on a medium speed. You’ll need to scrape the bowl often.
  4. Add the almond milk and beet at a high speed until light and fluffy!
  5. Add in food dye until your frosting is the desired color!

So what did I do with my Buttercream frosting?!

First, I made more cupcakes with jellybellies! For more fancy jellybelly cupcakes check out my post from last Saturday where I made flowers and more!

Springtime Frosting!
Springtime Frosting!

I also tried out placing the jelly bellies inside the cupcakes.  While they came out alright, I personally didn’t really enjoy biting in to bits of gelatin.

Spice Up Your Batter!
Spice Up Your Batter!

Lastly, I moved on to decorate a few cupcakes with Peeps.  These are a special easter treat that are certainly 100% gluten free, but they may contain milk.  Did you catch that warning? They may contain milk! (Apologies to my fellow milk allergy friends out there, but this treat was too special not to highlight. But, you can still decorate a few with Peeps for your friends too!)

“Bunnies, Chicks, and Jelly Bellies, Oh My!”
Purple Bunny is Photobombing!
Purple Bunny is Photobombing!

What baked goods will you be creating this Easter?! 

8 thoughts on “My Gluten Free Easter (Take 2)

    1. Yum! That sounds delicious 🙂 And, it’ll mark the end of our meatless (filled with other dietary restrictions) days in Lent!

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