Gluten Free Edible Flowers and More!

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With Easter and Springtime celebrations around the corner, it’s time to get your gluten free decorations up to speed! This week, I’m featuring the one and only Jelly Bellies! (You can make the frosting from my Buttercream Frosting recipe under the Recipe Tab.)

I must admit, that I wasn’t the biggest fan of jellybeans at first, but they are a pretty sweet treat. They’re free of my allergens, most notably gluten and dairy. Plus, for my peanut allergy friends, Jelly Belly retired the peanut butter flavor after “two decades of tasty service,” and the factory is officially peanut free. 🙂

I’ll start off with a few cost-effective options, followed by a few of my favorites!

Cost Effective Options!

Sometimes you don’t want to buy a huge bag of Jelly Bellies, especially when you only use half of them. But, there are some great designs you can make while using all the colors in the smaller packs.  Check out the carrot I made using every color in the Goofy bag (perfect for Easter), and the flower I made with the Minnie pack (ideal for all of spring!).

Screen Shot 2014-04-06 at 1.30.59 AM

With the Goofy pack, be sure to use an array of greens for your carrot’s stem to make it look like there are multiple leaves.  And, with the flower from the Minnie pack, you should start at the center and then work your way out.  You’ll likely run out of colors, so be sure to do a pattern of two colors (such as light pink and speckled) on your outer layers.

My Favorites/Springtime Cheer! 

Simply Elegant.
Simply Elegant
Raindrops on Roses!
Raindrops on Roses
The Little Duckling!  (Can be made solely from the Tropical Jelly Belly Mix)
The Little Duckling
(Can be made solely from the Tropical Jelly Belly Mix)
Don't Forget the Easter Bunny!
Don’t Forget the Easter Bunny!

Hopefully, as Maria would sing, your silver white winter has melted into spring! And, if not may these springtime cupcakes bring warmth into your home. Be sure to be on the the lookout for next week’s gluten free decorating tip!

Happy Baking!

6 thoughts on “Gluten Free Edible Flowers and More!

  1. These cookies look amazing – although I selfishly miss the peanut butter jelly belly flavor. A great topper for creative cookies and I’d be happy to eat the leftovers!

    1. Thank you! I love how many flavors they make, which also means more colors when I’m decorating. The jewel collection even sparkles 🙂

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