100% Gluten Free, 100% Happiness

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Some people dream of sugar plum fairies, others of sun-filled beach days.  I must admit that once in awhile, I dream about a world where you bounce among white fluffy clouds while flying through a bright blue sky.  And in my world, all the gluten-containing foods are contained to one cloud, so the rest of the time I can jump around freely.

Now, while I frequently blog about restaurants I try out, nothing beats a 100% gluten free café or bakery! My followers know that I had a great trip to Twist in Millis, MA earlier this year, so I was more than thrilled when I found a list of 100% gluten free restaurants by Urban Tastebud last week! Seriously, I pinned it immediately.

And, when I went to visit my sister, I looked up my pin to find a 100% GF café in Baltimore! While we already had lunch plans, we decided to head over there for a quick cupcake. Here’s my brief review (and lots of pictures).

Sweet 27 (Baltimore, MD)

IMG_7672Sweet 27 isn’t exactly what you’re expecting when you think of a (100%) gluten free bakery and café.  Located in a residential part of the city, the cute storefront stands apart on its own. When we first walked in, I first noticed the smell of tai food (from the soup of the day).  Sweet 27 also serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner, on top of baked goods, so there is a large array of options.

Now, since I can’t eat tapioca, I like to contact bakeries in advance. Fortunately, Sweet 27 responded through their Facebook page within 12 hours! Very professional! While I couldn’t eat any of the baked goods (since they all contain tapioca), the gluten-free nerd in me still had to go check it out. I brought my non-celiac, gluten-eating sister to review it for me!

My sister tried the Chocolate Cheesecake cupcake that was recommended by our server.  She quickly commented on the moistness of the cupcake.  She noted the wrapper was oddly thick, but that made no difference to the taste (and added to our unique experience).  Additionally, the cupcake was slightly more grainy than some other cupcakes, but still tasty.  So delicious, that she even SnapChatted her Sweet 27 cupcake experience!

Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 11.03.12 PM
GF Chocolate Cheesecake Cupcake

The to-go bin was a cute touch, and also symbolic of our quick trip to Sweet 27.  I didn’t have much time to investigate the café’s policies, but with no gluten in the store, cross-contamination shouldn’t be much of a concern.  While we were only there for a brief visit, there were many more cupcakes and options to try.

An Array of Options!
An Array of Options!

On top of the array, Sweet 27 also accommodates for additional food constraints.  They make a couple dairy free cupcakes, including a Hostess flavored one.  They also have limited vegan options, both a cupcake and a shortbread cookie!

A Dairy Free Option!
A Dairy Free Option!

If you’re in the area, I recommend stopping buy for a quick visit.  And, please, let me know how it goes!

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