Guide to Dining at Vail Resorts & Beano’s Cabin!

Unfortunately, as I write this post, it is the end of my reviews from my trip to Beaver Creek, CO.  But, fortunately, it’s about a pretty cool restaurant, Beano’s Cabin, which is nestled in Larkspur Bowl up on Beaver Creek’s mountain. Beano’s Cabin is fairly similar to Zach’s Cabin, so here, I’ll simply review the meal.  Although, personally, I like Zach’s Cabin a little bit more.

Screen Shot 2014-03-29 at 11.38.04 PM
The Daily Special

Today, I had the daily special, which included roasted chicken, a salad, and polenta.  My meal was certainly safe, gluten free, and delicious. BUT, it was still a little rough on my sensitive/iffy belly. I frequently cook polenta, but not with nearly the amount of oil seen in the meal above. Overall, I had a positive experience at Beano’s Cabin (albeit our waitress was a little bit NY-style rushed for the Colorado mountains).

My Quick Guide to Dining At Restaurants in Vail Resorts

  1. Click on Me!
    Click on Me!

    Call ahead to make a reservation. Inquire about ability to accommodate allergies/CD, and follow up on any requests the restaurant may have. For example, you may be asked to pick you your entrée ahead of time off the menu.  Make sure they have an understanding of cross-contamination.  All the restaurants I review have made it past this stage Restaurants to stay away from include Toscanini’s and (potentially) Saddleridge.

  2. Confirm your allergies upon arrival. Most restaurants will record your allergies, but be sure to confirm them upon arrival. I always bring my allergy card.

    A Little Beat Up After a Day of Skiing!
  3. Inquire About How the Food is Prepared. Any questions, modifications, be sure to ask!
  4. Confirm Allergy Friendly Upon Your Meal’s Arrival. You always want someone who is familiar with your allergies to deliver your meal to the table, such as – the chef, manager, or your waiter. They won’t mind if you confirm that you’re meal is up to the correct specifications.  Here, my best experience was at Grouse Mountain Grill, where they explained step by step the location and preparation of my food before it was on the plate in front of me!
  5. Enjoy Your Trip! When you’re done dining be sure to get out on the slopes or enjoy the Colorado summertime air.  There’s always sunshine and fun to be had in Beaver Creek UnknownIMG_7557

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