Sugar Heaven & Dining at Spago

Update: This restaurant has now closed. 

After my last trip to Beaver Creek, I announced that 8100 Mountainside was my favorite mountain in the area.  However, after the decadent meal I had at Spago this trip, I must say that it overtook the top spot. This Wolfgang Puck restaurant, located at the base of the Bachelor Gulch lift, is certainly one of the more expensive restaurants in Vail Resorts; but, the food lives up to the price and it’s safe to eat. So, without further ado, let’s review the meal!

Like all Wolfgang Puck restaurants, Spago requests that you tell them your allergies/diagnosis of Celiac Disease at the time of the reservation.  They’ll record them in the computer system, so when you arrive they’ll be printed out on the receipt that is handed to your waiter.  To be extra safe, I always bring my allergy card, which my waiter gave to the chef instead of the receipt. (Clearly, either would work).  I began my meal with a modified version of the Prosciutto and Burrata Salad.

Screen Shot 2014-03-27 at 10.35.04 AM
Prosciutto & Burrata Salad… Hold the Burrata

The last time I ordered this appetizer, they doubled the amount of prosciutto to replace the burrata.  And, this time, they seemed to up the whole dish a bit with a little bit more of everything, such as the apple sticks, which I particularly enjoyed.  I feel this made for a more balanced dish, even though I would never say no to extra prosciutto!

For my entrée, I had Hong Kong style scallops. This is not a typical menu item; Spago offers one “Hong Kong” style dish a night.  Since I couldn’t have the sides that typically accompany the scallops, they added the Hong Kong style vegetables to my dish!

Screen Shot 2014-03-27 at 10.31.09 AM
“Hong Kong” Style Scallops

My entrée was filling, without being to heavy.  The flavoring of the vegetables complemented the scallops beautifully. And, honestly, when I’m eating out, I sometimes find it difficult to get in all my servings of vegetables, so this certainly helped out! The dish was on the saltier side (much more salt than I would use at home), but it made for a fresh taste.  And, as you can see, the presentation was spectacular as well.

Last, but certainly not least, came dessert. Now, usually, I’m not a big fan of gluten, dairy, and egg free desserts at restaurants… aka: sorbet.  However, tonight was the exception.  When they brought out the array of sorbets, my favorite of which is passion fruit, it also came out with sugar crisps.

Screen Shot 2014-03-27 at 10.33.15 AM
Sugar Heaven and an Array of Sorbets

At first, since I hadn’t been told there would be sugar crisps, so I began to ask a lot of questions.  However, tonight when I questioned everything, no one was frazzled (like my experience at Saddleridge), instead they answered every question I had such as: Was there possible cross contamination with gluten? dairy? How exactly was the crisp prepared? With all my questions safely answered, I bit into the sugary chip.  I swear, it reminded me of a buttery crisp, even though it was simply composed of sugar.  While rare for me to say, this dessert made my night, and is one of the main reasons Spago is now my favorite restaurant in Beaver Creek.

Feel free to read my review of last meal at Spago as well.  And, for more information visit their website or call (970) 343-1555.

P.S: I’m trying to learn how to make sugar crisps, so if you have any tips let me know!

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