My iffy belly, and an iffy review of Saddleridge

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 10.11.45 PMI have an iffy belly. Sure, I think I know when I run into cross contamination. But, on the other hand, give me bell peppers and I’d say almost the same thing. My belly becomes unhappy with any change, probably including the weather (but hopefully not!).

Step back a year though, and my temperamental stomach and I have come a long way. In August of 2012, no one could figure out what was wrong with my stomach, minus the fact that I burped at least 200 times a day for 4 months. (There are lots of people who can testify on my behalf there!). So, I began a food log and cut out all the foods that were making me sick.  Do you know what I was left with by December?! Bread!

Wheat bagels, to be more precise, were the only food that didn’t activate my acid reflux, and therefore, the only food I felt I could tolerate. You can imagine my surprise when just a month later I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease!

Ever since things have been on the up and up for my relationship with my belly.  We try to listen to one another.  Of course, sometimes we fail, especially when there is salsa around! But for now, my stomach tends to agree with my decision to run, ski, snowboard, study, and eat.  And, our disagreements have become much less hostile and frequent.

While we aren’t quite to the happily ever after stage yet, I’d say we’re becoming pretty good companions. Now to my review of Saddleridge, where my iffy belly and I may have had a “mini fight.”

Saddleridge Review (Beaver Creek, CO)

This is my second review of Saddleridge, so for more depth on the menu options, please read the first review. I once again ordered the warm roasted brussels sprouts and I kept the nuts on this time! It was absolutely delicious and a very tasty part of my meal. 🙂

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 9.08.24 PM

I ordered the buffalo this time, which was a new (but pleasant) experience. However, the atmosphere started to go awry when my entrée came out. When the waitress brought out my meal there were coated onions on top of my fillet.  She was not my waiter, which is not good practice when serving someone with allergies and set off the first red flag.  Then, when I questioned the onions, she told me that I should have told my waiter I had allergies.  Seriously, I had my allergy business cards with me! Her rude attitude was quite off-putting, but to her credit, she was frazzled. Fortunately, my waiter returned and informed me that she picked up the wrong plate and brought me my meal that was “next to it.”

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 9.09.18 PM

When my waiter brought out my new meal, there was a flake that was either a big piece of salt, or indicated that they just picked the onions off.  Moreover, while I was thrilled about the sauce, I was pretty sure it was the same sauce they were wary to serve me the last time I was here.  Nonetheless, having had a good experience before and been reassured about their service of allergies, I began to eat the meal.

On our way out the door, you guessed it, I heard a burp come out.  Then another, and another.  It made for a long night of mild stomach pain. However, I recovered promptly by the next morning, much faster than when I’m typically “glutened.” So I’m not sure this was a gluten problem; it could have been dairy, and it’s also likely that my iffy belly and I were in an unrelated argument.

Nonetheless, I learned my lesson. Always stand up for yourself when you see a red flag.  However, since I’m not certain I was “glutened,” I’m still debating if I’ll return to Saddleridge.  Please read my first (and much more positive) review for a balanced opinion!  And, for more information visit their website!

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