Udi’s vs. Udi’s: The Great Confusion

The Great Confusion!  (Images from Organization's Websites)
The Great Confusion!
(Images from Organization’s Websites)

As you’re rushing through DIA, taking each moving walkway as it comes, you spot an Udi’s sign out of the corner of your right eye.  You suddenly wish that you hadn’t stepped on the most recent moving sidewalk.  You rush to the end of the pathway only to make a U-turn back to the Udi’s cafe.  When you arrive, you find that it’s filled with gluten free options. And, most likely, unless you’re from Denver, this is not the Udi’s company that first popped into your mind; but, nonetheless, you find something to satisfy your gluten free taste buds as you head out. 

Where’s the confusion?! And when will it end?

Fortunately, the confusion will end on April 8th (or shortly thereafter) as Boulder Co. bought Udi’s name from Udi’s Cafe earlier this year.  You might have been panicked as a GF consumer when you heard Udi’s was changing it’s name for a moment, only to realize that it wasn’t the Udi’s you were considering.  BUT, what those stories didn’t tell you is that Udi’s Cafe has gluten free options, so let’s take a look at the two brands!


Udi’s Gluten Free is the brand many celiacs have grown to trust and love.  Personally, I don’t eat many of their products because of my other allergies.  However, with the exception the holes in their bread and the cost, I haven’t heard much bad press about Udi’s. You’ll find all their products in your local grocery store or health foods store (in the US and UK). All Udi’s products are gluten free (to GF food handling training video!


 Udi’s Healthy Food began as a sandwich shop in Denver, and has grown as a family run company to include multiple cafes, bakeries, catering services, and two full service restaurants all in Colorado.  Udi’s cafes pride themselves on serving to those with a variety of dietary needs and preferences, including gluten free.  They offer to place their sandwiches (and pizzas in some locations) on gluten free breads/crusts.  However, I have not personally dined at these establishments, so I cannot verify if any cross-contamination protocols in place.  At the Udi’s cafe in DIA there is also a to-go refrigerator, which has both packaged meals and other GF products, meaning that the U-Turn in the airport will always be worthwhile.

Stay Up To Date on the Politics: 

gI_61863_renamestampLong before the “gluten free craze,” Udi Bar-on (Udi’s Healthy Food’s founder) made millions off of gluten-free bakery products.  And, back in 2012, Bar-on, sold Udi’s Foods (the GF food we all know and love) to Smart Balance, which is now Boulder Co.  In this agreement, Udi’s cafe had to change it’s name as well (and the deadline is July 2014).  So, Udi’s put out a name challenge! While all the nominations have already been sent in, Udi’s will announce it’s new name on April 8th!

All politics aside, when Udi’s Cafe changes its name to Etai’s, Silvy’s, or Izzio’s on April 8th, be sure to continue making that U-turn in DIA, or at one of their other cafes in Colorado. 

In case you hadn't figured it out, DIA is Denver International Airport.  (Image from yelp.com)
In case you hadn’t figured it out, DIA is Denver International Airport.
(Image from yelp.com)

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