Naked Juices: Gluten Includes More Than Wheat

Original Image Courtesy of
Original Image Courtesy of

UPDATE (June 2015): This is a very popular post from BEFORE the labelling laws came into place. Naked testing on all products with a gluten free label does meet FDA standards of less than 20 ppm. The GREEN MACHINE does contain gluten (in the form of barley). It is accurately NOT labelled gluten free. However, I wish Naked Juices would be more transparent with their cleaning protocols since this is clearly not a gluten free facility. All the information below is still true, as published before. 

My Guilty Pleasure from
My Guilty Pleasure

For most people, shopping at Whole Foods is a guilty pleasure.  For me, it’s worse… every time I leave Whole Foods, I spend an extra five dollars as I grab a Mango Tango Odwalla and Enjoy Life Ricemilk Crunch Bar by the check out line.  Yep, every time.  It’s a habit that adds up quickly!

Now, in the last year Naked Juices began advertising their drinks Gluten Free.  Well, all of them, except the Green Machine, because it contains barley and wheatgrass.  Since there’s gluten in the factory, I went on a mission to discover Naked Juice’s cross-contamination policies. 

To start off Naked Juice company does everything right.  They  follow good manufacturing practices and strict procedures to avoid cross contamination on their shared equipment when processing any of the eight major allergens as outlined by the FDA – milk, eggs, fish, Crustacean shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, and soybeans. (The same Big 8 that I label on my Recipe Tab). However, gluten contains more than wheat!

I promptly followed up. And, as you might expect, they do not necessarily have cross-contamination policies in effect for all forms of gluten- including the barley that is found in the Green Machine! They do clean the lines before switching juices; however, they recommended that I contact my physician with further questions.  Imagine how much work it would be if doctors actually made the call on everything we eat!

The Wrap Up

I had a great experience with the Naked Juice company.  They were friendly and cordial even as I asked follow up questions.  I appreciate their specificity when answering my numerous questions. Plus, their products can officially be labelled “gluten free” under the new guidelines. But, personally, I’m not ready to drink a Naked Juice just yet.

If there were cross-contamination controls for the barley in their factory, then sure; but for now, I’ll stick with the products I already enjoy.  If you’re not a celiac and don’t need to worry about cross-contamination then drink away! Naked products are absolutely delicious! Lastly, if you have any questions, please contact themThe Naked Juice Company is really as sweet as could be.

Fun Fact About (gluten-containing) Green Machine: 

Currently, alfalfa is replacing chlorella and kale is replacing Blue Green Algae. Since this is a soft conversion there are currently two Green Machine formulas on shelf!

4 thoughts on “Naked Juices: Gluten Includes More Than Wheat

  1. It’s nice to hear you had a pleasant experience with them. I agree with you about not risking it. If I’m going to risk a glutening it will be for something more than a drink. 🙂 Also, I think it’s super important right now to check everything like you did. With gluten-free being so trendy right now more and more products are showing up as gluten free but like you said gluten is in more than wheat. And since they don’t automatically include things like barley and rye in the allergen section of the label we really have to be careful.

    1. Thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed the article. One of the biggest problems I find is certainly with cross-contamination because although “wheat” has cross-contamination controls in many factories, other forms of gluten do not since they aren’t part of the “Big 8.” Most of the time companies are pleasant enough to work with though; I’ve only had a few less than ideal situations so far 🙂

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