What If Every Chef was Like Ming Tsai?

Who is your chef crush?! Courtesy of DisneyFoodBlog.com
Who is your chef crush?!
Courtesy of DisneyFoodBlog.com

Update: This restaurant is now closed. If you have a nut allergy, secondary to Ming Tsai’s close connection with food allergies, I recommend you look up his current endeavors to see if they could benefit you as well. 

Ming Tsai is an all-star. He’s a national spokesperson for FARE (Food Allergy Research and Eduction), made an Allergy Awareness video for Massachusetts restaurants, raised a son with food allergies, hosts the cooking show Simply Ming, AND opened two award-winning restaurants (Blue Ginger and Blue Dragon)! Alright, so you’ve officially met my chef crush.

Here’s the best part; his restaurants are allergy friendly! This means that you won’t have to worry about cross-contamination when you eat out.  Fortunately, Blue Ginger is close to my home, so my dad tries to take me there once a month.  I’m a pretty lucky girl! Despite my visits to Blue Ginger, I haven’t been to Blue Dragon yet.  If you’ve been, I’d love to hear about your experiences.

To wrap it up,  I’ve been working on a new boatmeal and a new cupcake recipe, so be on the lookout for those this week. I’m also looking forward to more posts about allergy awareness as well.  For now, you should look at FARE’s dating/kissing anaphylaxis video (especially if you’re one of my friends who asks me about this ALL the time).

Until next time, Happy Cooking! And now to the review you’ve been waiting (so patiently) to read!! 

Blue Ginger Restaurant Review (Wellesley, MA)

Courtesy of JohnHoens.com
Courtesy of JohnHoens.com

Blue Ginger is one of my  favorite places to eat out.  Not because their food is delicious (which it is!), but because I never worry about cross-contamination.  I know the protocols in place  from both their website and staff. Their openness makes me feel safe, which is of the utmost importance when looking for an allergy friendly restaurant. You can even look up their gluten free menu online.

Now, you still have to use common sense of course! Always tell your waiter your allergies before ordering. I always have my allergy card with me. And, even though my allergies are in the computer system, I confirm them with my waiter ahead of time. Did you catch that!? They have a record of my allergies! 

Are you jealous yet?!
Are you jealous yet?!

To start off your dining experience, Blue Ginger has some great bread substitutes for those of us with Celiac Disease.  They make their own rice cakes in house! How cool is that?! And, if you can’t have the rice cakes due to another allergy, they serve edamame as well. (Hopefully, you’re not allergic to soy too!)

My favorite entrée at Blue Ginger is the Pan Seared Scallops with Carrot Top Pesto, brown rice-quinoa and agave glazed carrots.  Now, I have quite the range of allergies, one of which is apparently in the carrot glaze; however, each time I’ve gone to Blue Ginger they’ve added in a different vegetable that completes the meal! I love this dish because of the beautiful blend of flavors when you mix the scallops with sauces.  Additionally, the quinoa and mushrooms within add a pleasant mixture of textures.

Sorbet Selection of the Night!
Sorbet Selection of the Night!

To close out the night, Blue Ginger has a gluten free chocolate cake.  Now, unfortunately, my egg and milk allergies eliminate this option for me.   But, Blue Ginger didn’t forget about me! They also have an amazing sorbet selection. I know what you’re thinking – allergy folks are always offered sorbet – but these sorbets are made in house and have a unique sweet-tart balance.  They are always introducing new flavors too, so your selection is always a surprise!

From the opportunity to delve into rich sauces to the wide array of menu options, Blue Ginger is a restaurant to return to again and again. Furthermore, if every chef was like Ming Tsai, those of us with allergies would take a huge sigh of relief each time we had the opportunity to eat out!

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